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An Affix is a Suffix or Prefix i.e. which is a letter or letters added to the beginning or
end of a word, which changes the meaning of the word.  
For example:
-es added as a SUFFIX to "dress" creates "dresses"◄ Dresses is the PLURAL of dress.
-es added to Dress becomes "dresses" ◄ this changes the word "dress" from
singular to plural.  If one adds -ed it changes "dress" when used as a verb to the past
tense of the verb "dressed".
-re added as a PREFIX to "write" creates "REWRITE" ◄ This means to WRITE AGAIN
-pre added to a word generally means BEFORE, i.e. prepare, precook.
-ful added to the END of a word means much or many e.g. mouthful ◄ His mouth is
full; spoonful ◄ A Spoon is full; Colourful◄ Something is full of colour.

The activities and worksheets available through this website are by no means exhaustive, and
many far more complex words can be included in the activities for older learners who have a
higher level of
vocabulary/comprehension.  Exercises are ideal for student/educator interaction
and perfect for homeschooling fun.
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downloaded and installed here.  Other types of vocabulary exercises may be accessed here.

Affix Match Card Game - Print the word/picture cards onto cardstock, fold in half and laminate for

Morphemic Elements - Affix Action, Word/Sentence Card Board Game

Sentence Match Cards

Build a Word  Phonics Card Game

Interactive Crossword Puzzle 1        Printer-friendly Grid        Answer Key
Download this Crossword Puzzle and the Answer Key (PDF format)

Interactive Crossword Puzzle 2       Printer-friendly Grid     Answer Key
Download this Crossword Puzzle and the Answer Key (PDF format)

The -ab Family
The -ack Family
The -ail Family
The -ain Family
The -aw Family
The -eat Family
The -eed Family
The -eep Family
The -oat Family
The -oil Family
The -out Family
The -ow Family (1) ► sounds like OWE
The -ow Family (2) ► sounds like OW! "Ouch!"

For more Word Family Printables and eBooks click HERE

Use the rules below to make nouns plural.
•        If it ends with e: Add s
•        If it ends with y: Change to i and add es
•        If it ends with sh, ch, s, x, or z Add es
•        If it ends with f: Change to v and add es

Pluralizer Student Reading Activity
You will find flash cards, vocabulary exercises and
games that can be adapted to younger or older
learners, and some blank cards to “write your own”
in this 115 page book available through

A fun exercise for children is to walk around the
classroom or home/garden (in fact anywhere will
do) and examine objects and think about what the
“opposite” of that object is.  It should be borne in
mind that antonyms are not restricted to nouns or

Creating lists and matching them to pictures is also
another exercise that young children enjoy; cutting
and pasting pictures from a magazine or newspaper
of “opposites” is also an effective exercise.  These
exercises are great for educator/learner interaction
and can be included in many other grammatical or
vocabulary lessons.  

Please observe adequate safety precautions when
undertaking crafts, cutting, pasting or other similar
activities that require the use of scissors, heat, small
or sharp objects, paste, paint etc.
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