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Human Rights Day (21 March) is the day set aside to celebrate human
rights and to ... Why do we celebrate Human Rights Day on 21 March?

Why do we Celebrate Human Rights Day?

Crime and its impact on human rights

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About the SA Human Rights Commission

Each year the SA Human Rights Commission celebrates Human Rights
Day (21 March) by embarking on a week long Human Rights Week
(HRW) campaign. This year the Commission has identified the
pernicious effects of crime in South African society as needing
immediate attention. Due to its cross-cutting nature, the impact of
crime is felt across all socio-economic fields, jeopardising the universal
benefits of the Bill of Rights. The achievement of equality, eradication
of poverty and the deepening democracy cannot occur in the
context of the high crime rate.

The Commission has, therefore, decided to host a two-day conference
at the Southern Sun hotel in Sandton on 22-23 March 2007. The theme
of the conference is Crime and its Impact on Human Rights: Ten after
the Bill of Rights.

The Conference will seek to determine the root causes of crime in South
Africa and consider its impact on human rights and freedoms,
particularly the enjoyment of socio-economic rights, ten years after the
coming into force of the Bill of Rights. It would provide an opportunity
for various stakeholders to assess their crime prevention and combating
strategies and develop sustainable human rights-based strategies and
recommendations to effectively and efficiently prevent and eradicate
crime in our society.

The conference will be preceded by Nationwide Community
Dialogues on crime and human rights, facilitated by the provincial
offices. It is hoped that the deliberations of these dialogues and
conference will influence policy and/or strategies on crime prevention
in South Africa.




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