Writing skills

It is critical to understand the development of children's
motor skills in order to understand the reasoning behind why they
complete certain tasks in a certain way. For example, it is
important to understand the development of fine motor skills
when a paper is handed in by a child in grade one and the
writing is large, malformed, with little evidence of control of the
pencil. If the teacher was to know the stages that children go
through to develop these skills, then they may be more
considerate and provide the child with appropriate adaptations
in order to help them improve their writing skills.  
See this link for
free printables.

Also, as children refine their motor skills, they are able to
communicate by written expression. Starting off with scribbling,
and moving on to
printing and writing.  100's of free printables at
this link.

Scribbling has been described as a types of ‘motor babbling’,
and as the child matures, the forms that arise from scribbling
gradually become transformed into printing and writing.

– Craig, G., Kermis, M. & Digdon, N., Children today, 2nd Ed.
Source:  Wikipedia
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Fine Motor Skills
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