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Nursery Rhyme Activity Pack

Contains 75 eBooks on the following nursery rhymes, and
includes Zulu & Afrikaans:

A copper down the crack
A cock crows in the morn
Little Bo-Peep
Little Girl, Little Girl
One foot up
Shoe the colt
And many, many more……………..

Nursery Rhyme Copywork
Handwriting & Copywork Tracing & Practice
Handwriting Tracing
Writing, Phonics & Drawing Activities
Printable puzzles, Wordsearch.jigsaws,
The ÆSop’s A to Z of Life’s Lessons

Reading & Comprehension

Well-loved short stories by Aesop, compiled in eBook format
with gorgeous colour illustrations, with a focus on learning
lessons in life.  At the end of the book is a series of
Comprehension questions and activity sheets.  Print one set
of these for each story as you discuss the story with your
child.  There are  26 weeks' worth of "Life's Lessons" Reading
Comprehension Exercises, with the titles in alphabetical
order from A to Z.  

The images utilised in this book are from the public domain.
The document is in UK English and A4 size.
There are many ways in which to teach your child the
alphabet in such a manner that the exercises and activities
are fun and effective. We have five sections in this book
relating to each letter of the alphabet and the corresponding
rhyme i.e. Handwriting tracing, Copywork, Match the Letter,
Write the Word and Make Your Own.

In this book I have used an alphabet rhyme and associated
the letters and words with pictures. A step further is where your
child can practice writing the letters and words by tracing
over each verse in the rhyme, followed by training lines for
your child to attempt writing by copying the words of the
verse, rather than tracing. As with anything the more a child
practices the exercise, the more quickly he or she is to
respond positively and accurately to picture/word/letter
association, all the while reinforcing the letter and word
recognition into your child’s memory.  
This book contains simple dictation exercises related to “word
family blends” aimed at the Grade 2 learner.  In this book the
dictation sentences are printed on the page, accompanied by
colourful illustrations to assist your child with picture/word
recognition.  Your child then has the opportunity of practicing
the sentence/s by tracing over it on the training lines below,
and then attempting to write the sentence out in full without the
assistance of tracing letters, but WITH the original sentence in
sight.  Only one dictation per week is necessary in these
The object of dictation is to reinforce the sentence/s into your
child’s memory so that when you and your child are ready to
take the dictation, he or she is comfortable writing out the entire
sentence unaided by images, tracing words or the original
sentence and he or she becomes familiar with the various
blends or “sounds” in each word in the sentence.
This book is suitable for those children who are commencing
their reading and writing educational journey, ideally
preschool to Grade 1, although exercises in cursive
handwriting have been included for the older child.  Only
about six new words are to be mastered in each lesson.
These new words and the new elementary sounds are always
to be found in the vocabulary of the lesson in which they are
first used.

Colourful illustrations have been used throughout, and the
skilled teacher will be able to use them to great advantage.  
Printable Flash Cards and Sight Word cards are included for
most of the lessons.

The script exercises throughout the book and the writing
exercises at the end have been specially written and
carefully prepared for this book; they may be used to teach
the reading of cursive, and as exercises in learning to write.
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