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regularly as new publications become available.

The files are generally in PDF format.  Please right-click and "save as" to your computer.  Thank
you.  (External Publications)

General Parenting Tips
  • Speaking So Kids Will Listen - 25 simple ways to get your message across to kids - By
    Michael Grose. Ever said this to your kid: “I have told you a million times can you just
    turn that TV down!” If so, this ebook will show you a better to get cooperation from kids
    without saying this. Plus other great tips like building confidence and self-esteem in
    children, talking about sex, drug and violence, and more. PDF file. 18 pages.
  • Raising Children Network: Make a Book - You can select and make your own books.
    Select from various stages of development and individual chapters, then the book
    appears as you requested.  Very cool! However, only Baby & Child Books available now:

    Newborns (0-3 months) - Essential information on caring for a newborn baby
    Babies (3-12 months) - What to expect during the sitting and crawling phase
    Toddlers (1-3 years) - A guide to parenting when your child discovers her own
    two feet
    Preschoolers (3-5 years) - The basics on helping your child thrive during the
    preschool years
    School age (5-8 years) - Essential information to help your child make the most
    of the early school years


    Get Off To a Good Start
    Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem
    Helping Your Child Succeed In School
    Holiday Stress Busters for Big and Little People
    Discipline and Your Child
    Nutrition and Fitness
    Reading Skills and Journal-Keeping
    Caution--Is Your Home Safe?
    Summer Activities for Fun and Learning

    First Grade:

    Dealing With Morning Madness
    Understanding Sibling Rivarly
    Good Study Habits and Homework
    Holidays--What A Great Time!
    Keeping Our Children Safe
    Setting Limits with Your Children
    Nutritious Food For Cool Kids
    Children's Friendships
    Fun Summer Time Activities and Games

  • Monitoring your child’s growth and development - A quick run down of what to monitor
    from birth to 4 years old. PDF file. 3 pages.
  • The Bully – Make Sure Your Child Knows How to Handle Bullies - An interactive book
    with nice pictures on what to do for bully victims and parents. A bully quiz for children as
    well as for parents and educators. EXE file. 46 pages.
  • Tantrums - By Parenting SA. What parents can do when tantrums happen? Big and
    small. PDF file. 4 pages.
  • Understanding Children: Disciplining your preschooler - By Iowa State University. This
    books discusses topics like what a toddler wants, communicating with a toddler, time-
    out and spanking. PDF file. 4 pages.
  • Understanding Children: Sibling Rivalry - By Iowa State University. 9 awesome tips on
    handling conflict between siblings. One of the tips is to leave your kids alone and let
    them work it out for themselves. PDF file. 4 pages.
  • Discipline: Help your children develop feelings of self-esteem - By New Mexico State
    University. “Children develop feelings of self-esteem, competence, independence,
    cooperation and responsibility when they grow up with guidelines. Two effective ways to
    discipline children and create sensible guidelines are through rewards and
    punishment.” The ebook includes ten rules of discipline and how to handle parenting
    differences. PDF file. 4 pages.

Child Education

  • Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life - Presented to you by Simply Charlotte
    Mason. Charlotte Mason’s Three-Pronged Approach to Education. The foundation to
    raising well balanced kids: atmosphere, discipline and life. Also used as
    homeschooling guideline. PDF file. 45 pages.
  • Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines - By Nebraska Health and Human Services
    System and Nebraska Department of Education. For ages birth to 3. It covers social and
    emotional development, health and physical development, language and literacy
    development, science, and creative arts. Very comprehensive. PDF file. 102 pages.

Single Parents

Being a Dad

  • Dads Playbook: Coaching Kids to Read - By The National Institute for Literacy. A
    collection of real stories of how 20 dads teach their kids to read. PDF file. 8 pages.
  • Being a Dad - By Parenting SA. It’s all about dads. What it means to be a dad, things all
    dads can do. Also tips on being dads in nuclear families, stepfamilies, and single
    dads. PDF file. 4 pages.
  • The New Baby Owner's Manual for Dads - By Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox &
    Addington (KFL&A) Public Health. A handbook with suggestions for Dads on how to
    support their breastfeeding partner and care for their new baby. The book likens baby
    care to car care. An interesting way of looking at fatherhood. PDF file. 9 pages.

Kids’ Activities and Games

  • The Creative Homemaking Guide to Games and Activities for Kids - By Rachel Paxton.
    Full of great homemade kid’s games and activities on the cheap. PDF file. 16 pages.  
  • Parents, Kids & Videogames - What's The Score? A Parent's Guide To Videogames - By
    Anthony Hetrih. The book offers a starting point from which parents can gain a better
    understanding of videogames and their content. It discusses the reasons why kids
    enjoy videogames, addresses parental concerns surrounding videogames and offers
    some common sense tips. PDF file. 23 pages.

Child Safety

  • Protecting Children from Internet Abuse – By Asian School of Cyber Laws. You’ll learn
    online risks children face, what signs parents should watch out for, guidelines for
    parents on what you should do and rules for online safety for children. An easy read.
    PDF file. 12 pages.
  • Are you using it right? - By National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Are
    your children correctly buckled? Find out the right ways (and wrong) of installing and
    using carseats. Also read the last page about general child seat use. Fully illustrated.
    PDF file. 24 pages.

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