Hard C CrossWord Puzzle 1

This crossword was created by Donnette E Davis, St Aiden's Homeschool with EclipseCrossword - www.eclipsecrossword.com

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7              8       


  1. Mum will ____ you for dinner time. (4)
  2. If the ball is thrown to you, you should try to ____ it. (5)
  3. Prates used these sharp, knife-like objects. (7)
  4. These people did not eat with cutlery, they lived in caves. (7)
  5. Some things are very heavy to ______ and you need to be careful. (5)
  6. This is what mum or dad does at Thanksgiving to the turkey or chicken. (5)
  7. these little creatures have claws and can be found in rivers and the ocean. (4)
  8. This is what we use, knife, fork, spoon, to eat with. (7)
  9. This is an area surrounded by borders and forms part of a continent. (7)
  10. This is a kind of shellfish found in the ocean. (8)


  1. This is a large area of land and normally has many countries within it. (9)
  2. This is what a caterpillar or silkworm spins. (6)
  3. This worm-like creature spins a cocoon and emerges as a moth. (11)
  4. Another name for a ship or vessel. (7)
  5. These are bright lights sometimes seen at night in the solar system. (5)
  6. Young children learn to _____ from one to ten, or even higher. (5)
  7. They say these have nine lives. (3)
  8. Another word for motor vehicle. (3)

This crossword puzzle was created by Donnette E Davis, St Aiden's Homeschool with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!