Hard C Crossword Puzzle 2

This crossword was created by Donnette E Davis, St Aiden's Homeschool with EclipseCrossword - www.eclipsecrossword.com

  2      3
4              5     
6          78 
9            10             


  1. Children like to do this and sometimes even make treehouses in trees. (5)
  2. When you try to do something the same as someone else or even draw something the same or similar. (4)
  3. Most people have one of these, also known as a PC. (8)
  4. Another word for applause. (4)
  5. This is a huge country right at the north of the American Continent, It snows a lot and there are a lot of French-speaking people there. (6)
  6. Some people are very intelligent, Einsten was ------. (6)
  7. These can be watched on TV or can be read in comic books. (8)
  8. These are usually large pieces of land which have many countries in them. (9)


  1. These come in different colors and can be made from wax or pencil. They are used to drawing. (6)
  2. Every country in the world has one of these. It is normally where the Houses of Parliament are situated. (7)
  3. This is the name of the person normally in charge of a ship or an airplane/aeroplane. (7)
  4. We use these to drink tea out of. (3)
  5. If something is not completely broken it may just have a ----- in it. (5)
  6. If you break your arm or your leg you may find yourself in one of these - made of Plaster of Paris usually. (4)
  7. Some people don't drink tea, they prefer to drink this. (6)
  8. This can be a form of art and involves making or creating things. (5)

This crossword puzzle was created by Donnette E Davis, St Aiden's Homeschool with EclipseCrossword. Try it today—it's free!