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Free Phonics Downloads compliments of the Reading Room
  This page provides you our phonics lesson downloads as well as samples from the handwriting program and other free stuff.

Lesson 1 This is complete Lesson 1 from the Reading Lesson book. Try it and see how well your child can read. (a printable PDF file) 

Lesson 2 This is complete Lesson 2 from the Reading Lesson book. (a printable PDF file)

Lesson Instructions How to do the lessons.


Teach Me Handwriting Demo This is a printable PDF file. It follows the lesson sequence in The Reading Lesson. The demo has only the first four lessons.

Writing Lesson Demo (Primary Style) These printable sheets are from the Writing Lesson CD-ROM. There are three writing styles on the CD-ROM. This demo contains only the Primary sheets suitable for children ages 3 to 7.

Writing Lesson Demo (Script Style) These printable sheets are from the Writing Lesson CD-ROM and contains only the Script style sheets suitable for children 7 to 9. The CD has all three types. Each style has letters, words and other practice pages.

WordBook  This WordBook contains 500 Dolch words which form the basis of most common reading words in English. If your child can read these, then she is a reader. (a printable PDF file)

Big Words for Little Kids This is a vocabulary enhancement program that also provides handwriting practice. It is suitable for children in grades 3 to 7.  (a printable PDF file)

Math Lessons Lots of math worksheets, Free.
Best on the web, step-by-step and throughly comprehensive.

Little StoryBook  Contains five blank story sheets with pictures. These stories are from the StoryBook CD and are designed for child to write her own stories. Suggested word list is given on the bottom of each page. ( a printable PDF file) The full files with 40 such pages is included in the Writing Lesson CD.

Certificates These certificates can be used as rewards for children doing the Reading Lesson.

Flash cards Cut out the menmonic pictures to help children doing the Reading Lesson remember letter sounds.

Progress Chart For children doing the Reading Lesson. (Put stickers on lesson numbers as you complete them. Use your own or make Giggle Bunny stickers.) 

Giggle Bunny Stickers to make Stickers to put on book pages and progress chart. (Avery labels 6241 or 5160, 3 to a row, with 10 rows.)


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