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Each week finds incredible educational software, then adds lesson plans, and puts it all together for homeschoolers. It's all full version commercial software. The same stuff you pay $30-$50 for in stores. You can pay $30-$50 right now for these at, but YOU can get most of them FREE. Others are only $2. Of course you still have to pay shipping and delivery, but in the end it's an incredible deal! Take a look, supplies are very limited. These are just a few of the titles featured this week:


The High Achiever Collection...
We got in a rare batch of great software. We selected titles that focus on specific subjects so you can add them to your curriculum. These titles even act as their own curriculum, complete with testing, reviews and more! We only have a limited supply of these, so if you are interested, please look at them now.


I got lots of emails asking for more software titles for younger kids. So I went on the hunt. I finally put together a great collection. Unfortunately, I couldn't get hold of as many CD's as I would have liked. So as usual, please order early if you are interested.

There is a great Dr. Seuss collection of software. If you child is learning (or just learned how to read) using these delightful titles, then this is the perfect collection of software to keep your child interested, and reading! They also include Math, Phonics and more. Take a look!

There is also some Paddington software to help your child learn about Geography. It's the perfect way to introduce Geography into your homeschool curriculum. Plus lots more titles!

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Dr. Seuss - The Cat In The Hat - FREE
The Cat is Back!

With this great CD-ROM and a click of the mouse, The Cat in the Hat comes to life in your house. And along with the Cat come Thing One and Thing Two, they're all here together to have fun with you. You can follow along as the story is read, or click on the objects and play games instead. There may be surprises, some big and some small, if you just go through once you will not see them all. Which is why we have found kids will play once and then, they will go back and play again and again.

Games and activities on every page. Catch Thing One and Thing Two, arrange the puzzles or draw funny faces on the framed pictures for hours of play.

Balancing act to balance the Cat. Kids learn about special and causal relationships as they give the Cat more and more objects to balance.

Skills Learned:
* Word Recognition
* Increased Vocabulary
* Reading Comprehension
* Computer Familiarity
* Spatial Relationships
* Causal Relationships

Dr. Seuss - PreSchool - FREE
Laugh More!  Learn More!
Join Horton the Elephant and all of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters on a whimsical journey to help baby Elma Sue search for her mother. Play over 250 lessons to build a full year of essential preschool skills, from math to early reading, from memory-building to listening skills.

Endless Hours of Fun
Explore Seussville and help baby Elma Sue find her mother!

Early Math
Stack turtles for King Yertle and practice early math concepts.

Pre-Reading Skills
Put the eggs in their nest and build letter recognition skills.

Shapes & Colors
Paint the colorful fish and learn about shapes and colors.

I Spy Junior - FREE
Brain-building games for kids!

Open the bright blue box in I SPY Junior and discover six cubbies full of fantastic surprises. I SPY Junior engages kids with clever rhyming picture riddles, hundreds of colorful objects in familiar environments, and challenging games and activities. It's fun to learn with I SPY!

Popping with delightful activities, these multi-level games are designed especially for the young learner. Search for hidden objects to solve 70 picture riddles based on the I SPY books.

Every puzzle leads to a new challenge that strengthens skills such as letter and word-object recognition, visual discrimination, counting, and following directions.

* Builds visual-discrimination skills.
* Offers practice in pattern recognition.
* Exercises logic and problem-solving skills.

Early Reading
* Word-Object Identification
* Letter Recognition
* Rhythm and Rhyming

Early Math
* Counting
* Number Recognition
* Sorting and Classifying

Thinking Skills
* Pattern Recognition
* Visual Discrimination
* Cause & Effect

* Listening
* Following Directions
* Creativity

Paddington The World Mystery Tour - FREE
Explore the world by helping Paddington find his Aunt Lucy!

Already famous all over the world for his books and his TV series, Paddington is a unique and attractive bear to all children. Discover the first CD-ROM featuring his adventures!

* 30 activities: geography, ability and speed, memory and logical thinking
* 40 minutes of interactive video
* More than 4 different countries with 60 exciting locations
* Permanent help throughout the adventure
* 3D characters and smooth moves

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