Our Solar System

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    1112  13   


  1. the size of a three-dimensional object. (6)
  2. the coloured band of light made when white light passes through a prism. (8)
  3. A name used for bands of dark-coloured cloud layers on Jupiter. (4)
  4. a unit of measurement the describes how hard gravity is pulling you down (6)
  5. the shadow made when one object comes between another object and the Sun (7)
  6. a small icy object orbiting a star. (5)
  7. a system of lenses or mirrors that are used to see distant objects. (9)
  8. a large sea of magma that has cooled into solid rock. (5)


  1. a huge mix of gas, dust, stars, planets and other objects that are held together by their own gravity (6)
  2. one half of a planet's surface. (10)
  3. a scientific term for something shaped like a spider, like the legend of the weaving contest. (9)
  4. an object in a stable orbit around a much larger object. (9)
  5. a region of very hot gas that surrounds the photosphere of a star. (6)
  6. the celestial body that has a greater mass than all other objects of the same orbit system (6)
  7. an imaginary line around a planet, perpendicular to the axis of rotation. (7)
  8. a small or medium-size rock from space that has entered a planet's atmosphere but has not reached the ground. (6)

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