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Scarecrow Activities

Paper Bag Scarecrow Crafts





LITTLE Scarecrow Art Project
Scarecrow Lunch Bag Puppet

small size lunch bags
medium size lunch bags
various colors of construction paper

*Stuff a small lunch bag half full of paper.
*Twist and tape the bag shut. (This will be the head)
*Cut facial features from construction paper and glue on.
*Use the medium size lunch bag for the body.  (Opening side down)
*Cut an x in each side of the med.size bag near the top.
*Roll a piece of brown paper into a tube.
*Slide the tube through the x openings for arms.
  (From 1 side through to the other) and secure with tape.
*Make a small cut in the bottom part of the med. size bag and push and glue the head into this.
*Make straw from thin strips of yellow construction paper for the hair.  These strips should also be glued around the neck and out of the arm tube openings.
*Cut squares, circles and other shapes for the patches and glue to the body of the scarecrow.


BIG Scarecrow Art Project
Grocery Bag Scarecrow

(Divide your class into 4 or 5 groups giving each group a stuffing task, or other task)

Supplies needed:
1 grocery sack
1 black marker (permanent)
1 red marker (permanent)
diaper pins or large safety pins
wooden stick
old clothing

*Wrinkle grocery sack to "age"-smooth out
*Draw eyes and mouth-facial features
*Tear and wad up newspaper-to stuff head of scarecrow
*Form a neck by closing up the sack, while shaping head
*Tie off with rag strip of a string
*Tie off each sleeve and pant leg and continue to stuff
*Secure body with large diaper pins
*Good to use a wooden stick to hold up head by poking stick through neck opening in head and down into the shirt neck opening (Or a mop or broom handle can be used to protrude through the back of the shirt if you plan to stick it in the ground)
*Dress up scarecrow with an old hat, jewelry, gloves, shoes, etc.
*Add hair made of cut pieces of newspaper, construction paper, yarn, etc.
*Arrange scarecrow around pumpkins, cornstalk, etc. in your classroom for the kids to enjoy


Another Paper Bag Scarecrow

Need: Small & medium brown paper bags, colored paper, markers, crayons, newspaper, tape

Directions: Assemble body by stuffing medium brown paper bag with crumpled 
newspaper. Fold the top closed and tape it shut. Assemble head by filling small paper bag with more crumpled newspaper about 2/3 full. Twist and tape shut. Make a hole in the body to insert the twisted end of the head into. Tape into place. Cut arms and  legs out of brown paper and glue or tape to body. Make "hay" by cutting paper bags into thin strips about 2-3" long (longer for hair). Glue "hay" around neck, wrists and ankles. Also glue longer strips to head for hair. Decorate using markers or crayons and colored paper to create a face for your scarecrow and patches for his clothes.


Take a brown sandwich bag and cut the bottom off. Fold bag out flat and fold four corners down and staple. Now stuff with newspaper and fold over two remaining openings and staple. Use red, orange, and yellow construction paper to make a hat, a bow for the neck tie. Use buttons for eyes and a nose, and raffia paper for hair. To top it off, put a feather in his hat