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Sent: 21 March 2007 12:15 PM
Subject: Emailing: Making a 3D chocolate apple

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3D Easter Egg Project

You will need:

  • 3-D chocolate mould

  • Chocolate (for moulding)

  • glass measuring bowl or cup

  • clamps (you may use large office binder clips)

  • hobby brush

Provide an ample amount of coating. Pick from milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white confectionery coating. Place the desired amount of coating in a glass bowl or measuring cup. Put in the microwave and heat for approximately 30 seconds and stir. Repeat this heating and stirring process until the coating is entirely melted. Don't rush the procedure - you can ruin the coatings through overheating. Also, water is dangerous to coating. Drops of water can make the coating seize and you will have to throw it out!
3/4 fill one side of mould, clamp both sides and shake to create a hollow shape ...



  • For hollow mould - melt chocolate in the microwave. Pour into one half of the mould. Snap mould halves together and clamp with metal clips. Rotate and invert mould numerous times as to coat entire area of cavity with coating. Place clamped mould in freezer to harden for approximately 5 minutes. Remove from freezer, unclamp and gently pop out from the mould.
    freeze for 10 minutes - turn to keep even ...

  • Unmoulding takes a gentle touch and the chocolate should slide right out. Of course, you want to touch the chocolate as little as possible as the heat from your body will cause it to start melting.

To keep the Easter egg looking fresh, place in cello bag and tie with a ribbon.