Insect Vocabulary & Glossary

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  1. The outermost layer of an insect’s exoskeleton. (7)
  2. Two tiny hairs at the tip of a cockroach’s abdomen that detect movement. (5)
  3. Sheath or covering that protects the wings of beetles. (6)
  4. An organism that consumes dead material. (9)
  5. An insect changes to an adult in several stages. For example, a housefly changes from an egg to early larva, then to full-sized larva, then to a pupa and finally to an adult. When it is in the pupa stage, it is “resting” before the final moult to a full grown adult. (13)
  6. A pair of wax-secreting projections (little horns) on the back end of an aphid. (9)
  7. Special body features or behaviors that help a creature survive in its environment. (10)
  8. The first stage of an insect after leaving the egg. It is an immature form that is unlike the adult and must undergo metamorphosis. (5)
  9. A water plant with no true stems or leaves. (5)


  1. An insect that eats dead or decayed matter. (10)
  2. These animals don’t eat plants, but feed on animals that do eat plants. (9)
  3. An organic substance forming a part of the exoskeleton. (6)
  4. The hindmost section of the body of an insect or spider. (7)
  5. The silky sheath around a chrysalis; a protective wrapping. (6)
  6. A place where an animal or plant lives which provides food, water, shelter and space for survival. (7)
  7. The middle section of the body in between the head and the abdomen. (6)
  8. The stage following the larva. (4)
  9. Order Diptera; has only one pair of wings. (8)
  10. A young insect that resembles its parents in form. (5)

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