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Free Messianic Haggadah - (A)

File Folder Game - Want a fun and effective way to review spelling words or the phonograms? All you have to do is sign up for the free spelling newsletter at All About Spelling and you can download this game. Have you heard of file folder games? They are a good way to review facts. All you need are the game board and some flashcards. You can use them to practice spelling, phonograms, math facts, geography facts, or any other subject. (Y)

Globalmania eBook - From Knowledge Quest, this eBook promises to teach world geography in just 7 months. I have used other KQ products and they are high quality. Globalmania makes use of an organized plan and online resources to help students master world geography. It also includes several quality world maps. The eBook is a PDF download that will require going through the checkout process but does not require any payment information. Checkout will show a $0 due and will process the order without payment. (A)

Scruffy's Bookshop - Here you'll find a sample book and activities from our most popular product "Kids of Character". If you enjoy "The Lamb Who Loaned His Baa" then you're sure to love "Little Orphan Spikey," "The Jolly Old Shadow Man" and all the other books. You'll also find a free book "Stories for Children" This is part of our most recent product, "How to Tell Stories to Children" - the art of storytelling made simple for parents, carers and educators everywhere. We've also included some more of our books for you to download and enjoy free of charge. They're all pdf files, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is free software, and if you don't already have it, you can download it here. (A)

Free Stuff From Supercharged Science - You can start experimenting today by getting the free science packet, which includes a monthly Rocket Scientist Newsletter and free easy-to-do science lessons in catapults, hovercraft, rocketry, and more! (A)

Free SAT exam school - "Our Online SAT school is the most comprehensive collection of Free SAT study resources on the web offering practice exams, study guides, flashcards, quizzes, cram sheets, articles, links and tips to help you succeed on the SAT exam!" (O, T)

Free Stuff from Learning Magazine - A variety of free materials are available from industry associations, publishers, and more. Some is just samples or catalogs, but there are several free offers as well. (T)

Textbook Revolution - "Textbook Revolution is the web’s source for free educational materials. This is a student-run, volunteer-operated website started in response to the textbook industry’s constant drive to maximize profits instead of educational value... At Textbook Revolution, you’ll find links to textbooks and select educational resources of all kinds. Some of the books are PDF files, others are viewable only online as e-books. Most books are aimed at undergraduates, but there are at least a few resources at every level, from kindergarten to post-doc. All of the books are offered for free by their respective copyright holders for online viewing." (A)

Notebooking Pages - "No matter what the age or the style of homeschooling, notebooking is an important part of our children's learning experience. I am thrilled to share my collections of both free & affordable notebooking pages with you!" At, Debra shares how to get started notebooking, gives many pages to get you started, and offers dozens of useful printables. (Y,M)

Free worksheets and units from School Express - School Express has recently resumed its weekly newsletter, which includes a link to a free unit and free worksheets on various rotating themes. Both downloads are PDF files and are suitable for younger children. (Y)

PrayKids Magazine Lessons - Don't miss these excellent downloadable lessons on prayer from NavPress. The lessons are created in a magazine format with a companion Teacher's Guide on the website. This quality publication is a great way to introduce your children to biblical concepts. (Y,M)

Mineral Information Institute Free Resources - Five lessons are free online and you have the option to order posters for about $2 each to complement the lessons. The following lessons are available: A Study of the Earth, Everything We Have Comes from Natural Resources, Everyday Uses of Minerals, Creat (A)

The Paperback Swap - The source for free paperback books! "We are a group of real people who have formed a Club to swap paperback books with each other. No gimmicks. No spam. No advertising. No kidding... When another member requests one of your books, you mail it to them. (A)

Create paper - Recently I needed a template for a specific kind of lined paper that would be dark enough for my daughter to see if another piece of paper was placed on top of it. I was getting frustrated pretty quickly, since despite my searches I wasn't finding anything. This site has an interactive PDF creator that will create just about any kind of paper you need. (T)

My Grocery Deals - My Grocery Deals is a free service that allows consumers to go online, do their grocery pre-shopping based on advertised grocery flyer specials, look at nutritional information, create their shopping list and then head out to their selected store(s) with list in hand. (T)

Free award-winning audio book series - Runt the Brave - "Driven by its merciless leader, an army of rats has besieged Tira-Nor. The city’s last hope lies with a mouse so small and so young that even his family calls him 'Runt. Winner of the 2005 Ben Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Children's Literature. (A)

Free lesson from What Every Girl Should Know - This 11-page excerpt will show how you can easily touch the heart of a young girl and inspire her to live a life of character and excellency. This lesson will lead girls to find Biblical answers to their questions on friendships, peer pressure, cliques, and what it means to be a true friend. (A)

The Math Worksheet Site - is an online math worksheet generator where "you can create an endless supply of math worksheets. The intuitive interface gives you the ability to customize each worksheet to target a student's specific needs... (Y,M)

Free online communication convention - Have you ever ended a conversation thinking - "Why did I say that?" Strengthen your communication skills at the Say What You Mean Convention. (T)

Online educational software - This free math, phonics and science worksheets and games website for elementary grades includes customizable games and worksheet generators. (Y,M,T)

Free typing games - "We at are committed to bringing you high quality, fun and interactive free typing games. Our free typing games have 25 different typing lessons including homerow and 10 key to choose from." High scores earn a place of recognition on t (Y,M)

Animate Your World - "Animate Your World: Shaping Character is a fun, innovative, and unique CD-ROM program designed to help educators, both in and out of the classroom, incorporate character education skills into their everyday curricula... AYW provides students the tools they'll need to create their own custom animation, using positive character traits and behaviors learned through the countless activities and resources found on the CD-ROM." Both my kids love using this software to created animated short features. (A,Y,M,O,T)

Design and Discovery: Experiencing Engineering Through Design - "Looking for a way to get students interested in engineering? Design and Discovery is a free program that includes a complete, downloadable and reproducible curriculum as well as related resource materials and an implementation guide. (M,O)

Sew Young Sew Fun - I have featured this before, but since summer is a great time to encourage sewing I am including it again for those who have not seen it. Sew Young Sew Fun is a TV show and website sponsored by several sewing-related manufacturers and retailers. (A,Y,M,O,T)

The Math Worksheet Site - is an online math worksheet generator where "you can create an endless supply of math worksheets. The intuitive interface gives you the ability to customize each worksheet to target a student's specific needs... The worksheets are (Y)

Dover Teacher Sampler - Welcome Teachers! Sign up for the Dover Teacher's Sampler and each week we’ll send you an email with fun and educational projects and activities -- puzzles and brain-teasers, science projects, stories and poems, nature illustrations, and much more. Dover’s been publishing children’s books for over 40 years and we have more than 2,000 titles for Pre-K to 12th grade. Sign up for your FREE weekly samples now. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3: (T)

Math Facts Whiz free software download - (addition is enabled, to use other operations the software must be registered for a small fee) (T)

Kid's Typing Skills - another Windows download (A)

Handwriting For Kids - Interactive and printable handwriting sheets. (T,Y)

School Express Handwriting - Free printable handwriting sheets (T,Y)

Handwriting worksheets - Online handwriting worksheet maker; basic print, D'Nealian, and cursive available (T,Y)

Bruce's Typing Tutor - Freeware. This is a typing tutor appropriate for both beginners and advanced typists. It also contains a game in which each letter must be typed before it hits the floor. Windows only. (Y,M)

Fish and Wildlife Resources - From the Division of Fish and Wildlife: includes information on hunting, fishing and endangered wildlife. It also boasts of maps, photos and cool stuff. (T)

10 Finger Breakout - Downloadable typing tutor game () (T,A)

Free Forms For Home Schools - No matter what type of homeschooling you do there's something here for you. (T)

Dissection Alternatives Loan Program - The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is committed to creating a world that fosters compassion, respect and justice for all living creatures--inside the classroom and beyond. NAVS’ comprehensive library of alternatives includes dozens of high-relief, three dimensional plastic models, computer software programs, color transparencies, videotapes and other materials that teach fundamental scientific principles to students from elementary through the post-graduate level without sacrificing animals in the process. A wide range of species are included in the library, from humans to frogs, cats, perch, shark, rats, starfish and fetal pig. (T)

Mathscribe Lite - A free dynamic graphing and mathematical modeling program for algebra, trigonometry and precalculus classes (Mac & Win) (T,O)

Educational Publications from Goddard Space Flight Center - (T)

Pocket Field Guide to Homeschooling! - These flyers are great for: Support Groups, Conferences, Park Days, Libraries, Friends, Relatives, Portfolios, Campouts, Pockets and Purses (T)

Interactive Air Traffic Management Resource - Gate to Gate, a multimedia experience that introduces you to the air traffic management system: the people, tools and work of air traffic control. (T)

Life of the Forest Freebie - Our intention is for "Life of the Forest" items to help you and many others learn about the importance of superior forest stewardship and sustainable forestland renewal. See how seeds disperse, germinate, and grow into a tree, and learn how to interpret a tree cookie! (T)

MERL: Metals in Environmental Remediation and Learning - (T)

Free copy of Home Education magazine - (T)

Science and Our Food Supply - (T)

US Forest Service Free Video Lending Library - The Forest Service free-loan video library will be closed for several months. We plan to resume service in 2008. (T)

Free copy of Home Education magazine - (T)

Mineral Information Institute Teacher Resources - 1. A Study of the Earth. 2. Everything We Have and Everything We Use Comes From Our Natural Resources - Food, Clothing, Shelter - Where do they come from? 3. Everyday Uses of Minerals - Our Dig A Little Deeper Series. 4. Creating a Universe - How we use the elements for life and for living. 5. Natural Resources We Use - Food, Fiber, Fuel and Minerals, Where Do They Come From. (T)

MIT's Free OpenCourseWare Project - A free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners around the world. OCW supports MIT's mission to advance knowledge and education, and serve the world in the 21st century. It is true to MIT's values of excellence, innovation, a (T)

Free US Geography Games For Teachers - Whether you're learning for school, studying for college or working to improve yourself on your own, our learning tools will help you learn and grow. From our online games to our software packages, we make learning fun! (T)

NASA's New Online Robotics Course - (T)

Ignite the Fire Foreign Language Resources - List of Free Foreign Language Courses Online (T)

Free Publications from the US DOE - (T)

Read to Feed free educator resource packet - Read to Feed is about global education, awareness, and action! Children are motivated to read books so they can help impoverished people around the world. Read to Feed has many flexible, interconnected components for educators. (T)

Global Philanthropy - Investing in youth - From Merrilf Lynch PDF files. Charts and Posters to teach children about saving. (A)

National Gallery of Art Loaner Program - Connect art and curriculum by borrowing free learning materials from the National Gallery of Art’s Division of Education. (T)

Science Museum Reciprocal Program - Visit a science center or museum—for free! The ASTC Passport Program allows members to sample some of the world’s most exciting science centers and museums when they’re on vacation or visiting family and friends. (T)

Free Aviation Resources - Teachers who use aviation/space education in their classes can favorably influence large numbers of students over a long period of time. And enthusiastic young people tend to have a multiplier effect as they actively share their interest in aviation with family and friends. Aviation activities used in the classroom or for clubs or youth groups can serve as a catalyst to motivate young adults to seek careers in the industry. The teaching resource materials listed here are offered directly by NCAE members. (T)

Cotton Education Resource - (T)

Free NASA Publications - Free Posters, Lithographs, Fact Sheets, Brochures and Interactive educational resources (T)

Free Planet Protectors Club Kit - From the EPA (T)

Free Education Resources from the US Postal Service - The National Postal Museum offers a variety of materials and services for educators and students. School tours and Curriculum Guides (T)

Free Wordsearch Software Download - Download page for crossword, word search, math, map and bingo worksheet. Note that some are free programs and others are 30 day evaluation copies. (T)

Free Solar Posters from Stanford - (now charging $5 domestic shipping and $8 international shipping) (T)

Educational Software from - Help your child learn with games, software (most of it free!) and educational activities. (T)

Free Educator Resources from - Materials are made available FREE of charge. The Early Years & Grades 3-5 kits are available for immediate download in PDF format. (T)

Building Big Free Engineering Activity Guide - Available online (T)

Free curriculum materials from the Fed - The materials are sorted into three main categories: Economics, Personal Finance, and Social Studies/History. For easy reference, each resource is listed with its appropriate audience and media type. (T)

SES Type - Freeware touch typing tuition course designed for modern typing requirements. Win 98, ME, NT, 2000 (A)

Type Fast - Linux and Mac (A)

More PC typing downloads - (A)

More Mac typing downloads - (A)

Kids Can Program - Free online lessons from A great place to learn computer programming! (M, O)

Lava Mind - Try the free shareware version of Gazillionaire, the award-winning game of business strategy. Become a mogul or tycoon in this economic simulation game and build a financial empire. (T,M,O)

An Adventure in Liberty - America's Heritage: An Adventure in Liberty, a tested curriculum supplement, is now available as a new, CD edition and free to K-12 teachers! Developed by and for teachers, America's Heritage includes age-appropriate, modifiable lesson plan units grouped into three separate books according to level: elementary, middle, and high school. (T)

Book-It Reading Incentive Program - Pizza Hut's reading incentive program is now enrolling for the 2005/2006 school year. When a child meets a monthly reading goal, the teacher gives him or her a Pizza Award Certificate. (Y)

Homeschool T-Shirt Transfer Images - Free iron on t-shirt transfer designs for homeschoolers from the Christian Homeschooler's Association of South Eastern South Carolina. Images are available in PDF and JPG format and both reverse and regular format. Don't forget that you need the reverse image. (A)

Forensics in the Classroom - Developed as part of a continuing educational partnership with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and in collaboration with NTSA. (O,T)

Because of Winn Dixie, Because of You - National Collaboration for Youth and Heartland Truly Moving Pictures have teamed with Walden Media and Twentieth Century Fox for the pilot initiative of the partnership, “Because of Winn-Dixie: Because of You!” The literacy, film, and volunteer reading program. (Y,M)

History Mini-unit study Newsletter from Learning Through History - Receive a mini unit study on a topic within one of these four historical periods on a monthly basis: Ancient History, Medieval Period, Renaissance to Revolutions, Modern World. Also includes a VCR Alert! section, highlighting a can’t miss historical programs on television for quality family viewing and a Recommended Resource for each issue. (T)

Free math and language arts resources - SGBox (sellers of the popular Singapore Math) offers free resources including online versions of dozens of Aesop's fables, free math resources, irregular verbs, and a synonyms quiz. (Y,M)

The Puzzle Factory - free online puzzles and games (A)

Schoolhouse Tech - Schoolhouse Tech sells software, but they have lots of free stuff on the site as well, including wordsearch software, mathfacts worksheet generator software, and articles. (T)

Life Prep for Teens: The Car Purchase Project - Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers is a curriculum that teaches teenagers skills and values they’ll need in the adult world they’re about to enter. It walks them through processes like researching a place to live, figuring out health insurance, understa (O)

Webster's 1828 Dictionary Online - Many Christian homeschoolers prefer to use this dictionary for its Christian basis and worldview. If you would like to use this edition of the Webster reference, you can now use an online version instead of purchasing a copy. (A)

Natural Disaster and Emergency Resources - Free resources from the Red Cross that teach students and their families about emergency preparedness. Information includes safety tips, how to prepare, what to do during the emergency, disaster plans, downloadable preparedness worksheets, and more. (M,O,T)

Homeschooling Your Children course by Linda Dobson - This free online course is brought to you by Barnes and Noble University. "Homeschooling Your Children reveals how homeschooling diverges from traditional schooling, its benefits, and its potential challenges, including legal, time, money, and social issues. (T)

Uncle Dan's Algebra - Homespun for Homeschoolers - A Free 180 page workbook file. To request send an email to (O)

The OCTA-TETRA Construction Set - FREE geometric construction set instruction Booklet? E-mail: (Y,M)

Homeschool Tracker Upgraded - Homeschool Tracker is a free software program for homeschoolers to track assignments, grades, attendance, and more. It is fully customizable for your students, your resources, and your subjects. (T)

National Parks Service - Curriculum based Programs in your park (A)

Freebies from Teacher Created Materials - Free monthly activities including calendars and teaching tips can be found at the TCM website. The best find is the free weekly lesson plans, activities, and brain teasers. All of the archives are posted as well, so there are hundreds of free printout resources! (A,T)

Free NASA VCR Tapes - NASA offers a free service duplicating copies of their educational VCR tapes on a variety of subjects. Send in a new blank tape along with their form listing which tapes you want copied and they will duplicate them for you and send the copies back at no charge. (A,T)

Learn2Type - "Typing Test & FREE Typing lessons at Learn 2 Type - the leading FREE Web site that helps you master the skills of touch-typing. Whether you're a typing expert or just a 'hunt & peck' beginner, the interactive exercises in this Typing Tutor automatically (M,O,T)

Science News for Kids - "Science News for Kids sponsored by the award-winning weekly newsmagazine Science News and its publisher, Science Service, is for students ages 9 to 13 and their teachers and parents. Unique features of the site include appealing, easy-to-read snapshots of science topics. (M,T)

Remembering the Wright Brother's Historic Flight - "On Dec. 12-17, the nation celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' flight. This event provides teachers with many tools to build integrated lesson plans. To this end, Reach Every Child presents a list of free resources that includes everything from an interactive site where students can fly the first airplane to space resources. (A,T)

GeoSpy - Kids offers this online geography game where players try to identify continents, countries, states, and provinces before time runs out. Other games are also offered through the site, including Underground Railroad, Lewis and Clark, Wild & Wacky: Egyptian Journal and m any more! (O)

Spelling It Right - This no frills site is a great help if you are teaching spelling and do not want to use a purchased spelling curriculum. Spelling it Right comprises seventy pages of advice and free worksheets on spelling divided into logical categories that will help you (A,T)

Discover Channel School's Curriculum Center - Ten different science topics are presented for upper elementary and middle school level study. Each topic leads to a page with links to Peak Their Interest (quick facts), Hands-On Activities (experiments), Project Ideas, Word Play (puzzles), Glossary, and Quiz. (M,O)

Money Math: Lessons for Life - Money Math is a four-lesson curriculum supplement for middle school math classes, teaching grade 7-9 math concepts using real-life examples from personal finance. The 86-page book is a teacher's guide with lesson plans, reproducible activity pages, and teaching tips. A teacher needs only one copy of Money Math to teach several classes of students. (T,O)

Reach Every Child - Welcome to Reach Every Child Horace Mann and nationally recognized teacher, Alan Haskvitz, developed this site of educational resources for teachers and students. It includes lesson plans to make reaching students and using technology easier. Learn more about the site. (T)

Free Forms for Homeschools - Tamra at Highland Heritage has put together a large collection of forms for a variety of unit studies, subjects, as well as several forms to help you organize your homeschool. Currently there are over 500 forms available in PDF. (T)

Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms - "Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms for Early Lessons in Life, funded by the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award, is a program dedicated to introducing health topics to children in kindergarten through third grade. T (T,Y)

Science Freebies - The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers "a variety of award-winning publications, videos and other materials-all free. Explore the frontiers of biomedical research and learn what's new in science education. Watch a video on laboratory safety. Order app (O,T)

Interactive games from BBC - Test your knowledge of history with these interactive challenges. In the Mummy Maker, you can "enter the embalmer's workshop and prepare a body for burial", in the Tudor and Victorian Costume Game you can "sort out your stays from your stockings, your bri (O,T)

Daily Grammar - "Daily Grammar allows you to access archives with a grammar lesson five days of the week and a quiz on the sixth day. You can look at all the lessons in their Archive section. Mr. Bill Johanson is the author of the lessons. He is a thirty-year English-teaching veteran. (T,M,O)

George Washington Resources - "This Teacher Resource Guide is designed for incorporation into history and social studies curricula. It will introduce your students to some of the events and issues that shaped George Washington's life. The activities should enhance your students’ knowledge of Washington and expand their horizons about this complex and interesting man. (T,A)

Shopping List Free Software - Those of you on TheHomeSchoolMom In The Kitchen group will recognize this as the software that I recommended several months ago. I have been using it regularly since then and I really love it. It is a free download for the full version of the software. (T)

Free Holiday Sampler Download - Free from Teacher Vision, this Holiday Sampler contains worksheets about: ·Christopher Columbus ·Election Day ·Halloween Pumpkin ·Hallowed Areas ·Happy Thanksgiving ·Which Ones Are Your Turkeys ·Make and Play the Dreidel Game and more! (T,Y,M)

Life Of the Forest Freebies - International Paper's complete "Life of the Forest" educational series includes 10 full-color full-size posters showing various important stages in the life of the forest, a matching set of 10 teaching guides with in-depth information pertaining to each poster and its subject matter, and a 16-page booklet featuring over-sized, full-color illustrations depicting the cycles and stages of forests. Perfect for kids! (T,A)

Free Movies - When school's out, kids around the country come to selected Regal Entertainment Group theatres for our Free Family Film Festival. It's a fun-filled nine weeks of movies for kids and their parents. Since 1991, Regal has provided this service to the community, and best of all it's FREE! Selected G & PG movies start at 10AM each Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. First-come, first-served seating is limited to theatre capacity. The Free Family Film Festival is safe, lots of fun and a great way for kids to spend a weekday morning in the summer. (Y)

Easy test Maker - EasyTestMaker is a FREE online test generator to help you create your tests. With Easy Test Maker you can create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true and false questions all on the same test. You can also insert instructions and divide your test into multiple sections. (T)

ClassicalFree Virtual Academy - Serving grades 7-12, this online school offers a variety of classes for the classical student, including 22 free courses. The school in not accredited but is a member of the Association of Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS). (T,O)

RithKid - Jake, the creator of RithKid, writes, "To keep my technical skills up to date, I made a little math practice site for my kids based on math programs I saw in the Far East and got a bit carried away, so now I would like to share it. (A,T)

Eyes of Nye - "For six seasons, millions of children and young people from elementary through high school, along with their parents and teachers, came to understand, appreciate, and enjoy the exploration of science through the Bill Nye the Science Guy Series. Now Bill (A,T)

COREPlus from Download Learning - "COREPlus is an exciting collection of FREE educational software programs that makes it easy to learn all about history, geography, science, fine art, and more." There is nothing to download, just set your browser to allow pop-ups from (A,T)

Free comic books from the Fed - The Federal Reserve System has 7 comic style publications available for free through their publications catalog. Titles include The Story of Money, The Story of Banks, Once Upon a Dime, The Story of Foreign Trade and Exchange, The Story of Consumer Credit. (A,T)

CNN Student News - CNN Student News returns for the 2005-2006 school year offering new and improved features including a new Web site and a new segment for educators. CNN Student News is an award-winning, 10-minute, cost and commercial-free educational program airing Monday (T,A)

Free Great Lives CD - William Bradford - Order your free Introduction CD, William Bradford and the Courage of the Pilgrims. This free Audio CD will also explain what Great Lives is all about and what you will receive with your monthly subscription. (T,Y,M)

It's a Wild Ride - It's A Wild Ride takes you on a tour of an interdisciplinary math, science, and language arts project where students apply the laws of motion, use linear equations, and write technical reports as they design an ultimate roller coaster to save the local amusement park from bankruptcy. (The CD is 15 minutes in length.) (A,T)

Water Resources Outreach Program - "Water-resources topics of all completed posters are drawn in a cartoon format by the same cartoonist. Posters are available in color or black and white. The back sides of the color poster JPEG files contain educational activities: one version for children in grades 3-5 and the other with activities for children in grades 6-8. The black-and-white posters are intended for coloring by children in grades K-5. (A,T)

Free park day for active duty or active reserve military - Anheuser-Busch is honored to salute the men and women of our armed forces and their families. Throughout 2005, members of the military and as many as three direct dependents may enter any one of Anheuser-Busch's SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or Sesame Place park. (A)

Fill in the 50 States - Can you place all 50 states on a blank US map without outlines with no errors? I couldn't! (A,T)

Parties with Purpose - If you think your children are more self-focused than they should be, then this idea is for you. Watering Can Press is the company that publishes The Hero Book and The Giving Book, and they have developed party planning guides to accompany both books. You can download these free guides in PDF format. (A,T)

Financial Literacy 2010 - In an effort to promote financial literacy, the Investor Protection Trust is making available an online version of Personal Finance in the Economics Classroom. This guide will help you to teach your child financial literacy with regard to both financial planning and Saving/Investing Basics. (O,T)

Knowledge Probe Games - Free trial versions of many educational games for math and language; if you decide to buy the cost is $10 for most games. All games require the free Flash plugin. (A,T)