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Recommended Website:
NAPPC: Pollinator Curriculum

Age Range: 8-11 (The suggested grade range is 3-6 but there is information that will fascinate all ages. See additional resource for older students below.)

This website offers a FREE, printable "Comprehensive Pollinator Curriculum for Grades 3-6."


What's a pollinator?

Birds, bees, bats, butterflies, moths, beetles, mosquitoes and other insects and animals are all pollinators -- even the wind acts as a pollinator.Pollinators transfer the pollen from one flower to another of the same species leading to fertilization that results in fruit and seed production.

About 80% of the world's fruit and vegetable crops require pollination. It is essential for plant reproduction.

Summertime is the perfect time of year to observe the pollination process in your own backyard, garden, neighbourhood, or local park. To better understand what is taking place, the curriculum at this website offers detailed scientific information and an array of educational activities that include:

*The Who, What & Why of Pollinators
*Pollinators and Plants In Partnership
*Creating and Finding Pollinator-Friendly Habitats in Your Area

You'll find community service projects as well as resources and links to more information.

When you are through exploring the curriculum, to find an astounding array of information on pollinators and pollination that is suitable for a variety of age/grade ranges visit:

Click on "Useful Resources" on the menu to find links to even more lesson plans and suggested activities. You can also click on "Great Free Pollinator Items" to find out how to order a free garden wheel and pollinator posters.
(The items are free, but you must pay the shipping fee.)


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