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Floral Cut-out Cards 

Spring is all about nature at its best. For all your spring/summer entertaining, Mother's Day, May Day parties, birthdays and anniversaries, here is a simple and easy-to-make card. Use it for Invitation Cards, Thank You notes, place cards, pretty Mother's Day cards or general use cards.


Handmade paper cards in bright spring colours (make your own by folding a handmade paper sheet vertically)
Envelopes to match
Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red strips of paper (Use purchased sheets or magazine cut-outs)
Punches - Round, Petal Shape (optional)
Craft Glue
Paint Brush to apply glue.


1. Use punches or scissors to cut out petals and leaves from old magazine pages in various bright colours.

2. Use a round hole punch to punch out some circles for the centres of the flowers.

3. Apply glue to the base of a petal with the help of a paint brush. Place the base of another petal over it at an angle and press.

Go on adding 5-6 petals in a similar way till your flower is ready.

4. Apply glue to the back centre of the prepared flower and stick it on the card.

5. Take a round punched circle and glue it to the centre of the flower. Use a contrasting colour which stands out. For e.g. pink centre for a yellow flower or a yellow centre for a blue or red flower.

6. Use some green petals to make leaves. Glue them around the flower to add colour to the card.

Note: When gluing the petals and leaves to the card, do not apply glue on the entire surface of the petals and flatten them on the card. Instead, apply glue only on the horizontal centre-line of the petal so the petals and leaves look like cut-outs.

Voila! Your bright and sunny little card is ready to go out and send your invitations and thanks and best wishes!

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