On this page I will be referring to various curricula I have either resourced or been referred
to.  My links on this page will take you to external links of the various curricula offered.  I
have looked at each one that I have featured here and have no hesitation in saying they
are worth investigating.  Enjoy!  If you have a suggestion on a certain curriculum please
me know so I can include it on these pages.
What is Ambleside Online?

Ambleside Online is a curriculum guide and booklist designed to follow
Charlotte Mason's method of homeschooling. Each year/grade has a list of
books to lay out what resources will need to be collected or purchased, and
an optional 36-week schedule to break the resources into smaller increments
to help with pacing the books throughout the year. There is no fee to use the
curriculum or website. Parents may use as much or as little of the booklists and
schedules as they like. Some families follow it exactly as laid out, most tweak it
a little here and there to use books they already have, or because they prefer
another resource over the one listed. And some use just the Picture Study,
Composer Study, and other similar components.
Veritas Press specializes in providing educational materials for a classical
Christian education in Christian schools and home schools. It seeks to provide
the best home school curriculum and Christian school curriculum available.
Whether it be phonics, studying the Bible, history or the great books studied in
the Omnibus curriculum, we trust you will be blessed in extraordinary ways by
your use of Veritas materials.

Looking for a curriculum that doesn't compromise
Scripture and keeps kids (and teachers!) coming back for
more? Welcome to
Walk With Me. It's faithful to Scripture,
teacher friendly, and fun for kids.
As the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (UK) states in 'The Curriculum Guidance for
the Foundation Stage'....

"The early years are critical in children’s development. Children develop rapidly during this
time, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. The foundation stage is about
developing key learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence and
learning to work together and cooperate with other children. It is also about developing
early communication, literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare young children for key
stage 1 of the national curriculum."

Download this .pdf document. It's a large file so please be patient. Credit to QCA (UK)

A Christian home-schooling curriculum, looking to Jesus as the centre, recognising
home-schooling as a ministry of discipleship to our children, using beautiful, full-
colour, living books, packed with exciting hands-on activities, including
international as well as South African history and geography components,
literature-rich, catering for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners, including
internet links and videos, employing the one-room schoolhouse approach so that
you can teach different ages all at the same time, remaining true to the principles
of Charlotte Mason, spanning Grades 00 right through high school to Cambridge
IGCSE and ultimately AS- and A-Levels and providing a tutor and testing service
for Cambridge levels, so that you are not on your own! Written for passionate
home-schoolers by another passionate home-schooler who understands what you
face daily.

We would also love to supply you with a copy of our brochure – please let us have
your postal address and we’ll get one off to you right away.

Marc and Ivana Ries
Website: www.love2learn.co.za
#1 Montessori Teaching Guide Album Set of 5 Guide Books.
#1 Montessori Teaching Guide. Album Set of 5 Proven Effective Guide Books, for Parents, Teachers, Caregivers & those who works with young children. The guidebooks are Sensorial, Exercises for Practical Life, Science, Language & Mathematics.
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