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Kites and Kite Flying
Kites have been around for thousands of years. This delightful resource will let
your children learn about the history and development of kites, just in time for

Kites and World War II
Did you know that a patented kite design was used to train Navy gunners? Did
you know that a Gibson Girl design kite was used to help downed airmen call
for help? Find out lots of cool facts as well as see the designs for yourself!

Build Your Own Kite
This is a collection of lots, and lots of kite designs that you can print, and build.
This is just in time to catch some of those Spring breezes as they begin to kick

Miniature Kite Plans

Flying Pig Kite Plan by Glenn Davison
Cocktail Napkin Kite Plan by Charlie Sotich
Napkin Kite Plan  by Carlos Simoes
AKA Rokkaku Kite Plan, instructions by Paul Berard
Micro Eddy by Ton Vinken
Mini Cody Plan by Ton Vinken
Cylindrical Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Kimono Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Sanjo Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Ghost Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Bird Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Batman Kite Plan by Ton Vinken
Billy Bear's Mini Diamond Kite by Billy Bear
Kite Crafts
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