Static Electricity
In 1750 Benjamin Franklin demonstrated the link between static electricity and storm clouds.

Static electricity happens in a place or region where there is a build up of electrical charge.  We
often can see and hear static electricity, this is when we see or feel a spark.  Often we will touch
something that gives off a spark and it feels like a small electric shock.   This is static electricity.

To help the younger learner understand static electricity we have researched and compiled a book
on lesson plans and experiments.  The scientific explanations on static electricity without reference
to practical and hands on activities would be too advanced for very young learners.  For older
learners, I have included a scientific printout explaining all there is to know about static electricity.

Please feel free to download the materials you feel will be beneficial.

Static Electricity Totally Explained (Beginners) PDF
Static Electricity Totally Explained (Intermediate) PDF
Static Electricity Totally Explained (For Older Learners) PDF
What is Static Electricity?

Lesson Plans & Teacher Guides
Grade 3-4 Understanding Electricity
Grade 4-5 Electricity
All Grades Lesson Plans, Teacher Guides, Activities
Grade 9 Lesson Plan

Family Activity (c) Scott Foreman PDF
Vocabulary Activity PDF
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