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Tooth Fairy Day occurs on February 28th and/or August 22

Tooth Fairy Day celebrates one of childhood's favourite visitors. The Tooth Fairy is an
American tradition with European and superstitious roots.

In short: The Tooth Fairy is a mythical character depicted as a fairy that gives a child money
or gifts in exchange for a baby tooth that has fallen out. Children typically place the tooth
under their pillow at night while they sleep. The fairy is said to take the tooth from under the
pillow and replace it with money.

Losing baby teeth is a sometimes traumatic experience for young children. Enter the world
of the friendly, smiling and soothing Tooth Fairy. As a young child's first baby tooth
becomes lose, the child often fears losing it. The promise of a visit from the tooth fairy and
a gift, turns the occasion into something to look forward to. When the tooth finally falls out,
mom cleans it off. It is often put it into a "tooth box" or placed into a slipper underneath the

It is also traditional that at bedtime, the child may put the tooth under her pillow. The tooth
fairy comes after the child falls asleep. She takes the tooth and leaves a small gift, usually
money. The tooth fairy leaves a gift every time the child loses a tooth.

If the tooth is literally lost in some way, don't worry. The Tooth Fairy always knows, and will
still leave a gift. She magically knows each time a baby tooth falls out, and will arrive that
night , even if the child is away, or on vacation.

There is ongoing debate whether the Tooth Fairy is a male or a female. But, it's pretty
obvious. "She" is most definitely a female.

Please enjoy our Fairy Activities in Celebration of Tooth Fairy Day :)

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How to Believe in The Tooth Fairy

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Tooth Vocabulary Activity Cards

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