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Files are in PDF format. You can download Acrobat here. Download any or all of our Grade K-5 Thematic Units, Printables and/or Lesson Plans for use in your homes,
homeschool, classroom or community centres.
Please familiarise yourself with our Terms of Use and Disclaimer prior to downloading resources.  Contents of this website (c) Donnette E Davis and/or St Aiden's
Homeschool unless otherwise stipulated.
We have a large selection of Hanukah (Also spelt Hannukkah, Hanukkah
& Chanukkah)  themed worksheets and activity pages for pre-schoolers
right up through higher elementary level.

The worksheets cover all subject areas, and although some may have
been categorized into "grade levels" others would be suitable for a
younger learner with a more advanced level of literacy, whilst perhaps a
Grade 1 learner, for example, might find a particular activity a little
challenging, and more suitable to a Grade 2 learner.

Either way, you are free to download and print however many of the
worksheets you require, and mix and match them to suit your own
situation.  Worksheets are in PDF format unless otherwise stated.

The upper elementary levels contain worksheets of a social/history
nature, while all levels contain some form of vocabulary, grammar and

Some worksheet collections are available in a .zip format, since they will
contain all the worksheets presented in a category, plus additional
worksheets that are unavailable anywhere else, and are exclusive to us.

The navigation bar at the top and bottom of each page will take you to
the various grade categories.   Each age category will take you to a
sub-category (well, really just another page of worksheets in that grade

May I take the opportunity of wishing you and yours a very safe and
blessed Hanukah, and holiday season.
Hanukkah Worksheets, Puzzles
& Activities
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