Volcanoes ~
Printable Resources
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Mount St Helens Printable
Volcano Glossary
Volcanoes!  Why, where...?
Windows Into The Earth 20 ppLesson Plan & Student Activities
Creators & Destroyers 15 pp Lesson Plan & Student Activities
Volcano Facts. Q & A Teaching Resources & Student Writing Activity
Volcano - New Words Flash Cards 14 pp
Pyroclastic Flow or  Hot Ash Flow Student Activity 1pp
Journal Entry - Student Activity
Volcanic Terms Student Activity
Teacher Discussion Q & A - Student Activity 8 pp
Don't be Scared - Be Prepared 4pp
Family/School Emergency Plan & Activity 7 pp
Mt Rainier Paper Cone Craft
Volcano Writing Activity
Volcano Crossword Puzzle (Advanced)
Volcano Vocab & Wordsearch (Advanced)
Sight Word Cards Activity 27 pp
Volcano Notepages & Label the Volcano Activity
What are Volcano Hazards
Cross-Section of Stratovolcano - English, Dutch & Spanish Labels

Student Activities:
Make a soda bottle volcano
Make a Clay Volcano
Make an Erupting Volcano
Make a Paper Mache Volcano
Make a Volcano with Small Eruptions

Student Activities & Crafts
Volcano Hazards
Volcanoes Main
Volcano Printables
Mt St Helens
External Links & Resources

Credit & Thanks to the US Geological Survey for the use of their Public Domain Resources
297 Pages of Teaching Resources, Lesson
Plans & Student Activities.  
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Easy Volcano Craft

Materials: Food colouring,
1 tbsp baking soda,
1 c water, few drops of dish washing detergent,
1 c distilled vinegar,
12 ounce plastic bottle,
newspaper to cover area,

Directions:  Stir 1 tbsp baking soda into 1/4c water and food colouring. And pour into
plastic bottle. Add a few drops of dish soap. Put the bottle on the ground with
newspapers underneath. Add 1/4c vinegar. Watch because it comes up quickly
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