Preparing a Vegetarian Celebration

How to Make a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving without the turkey? How could it be? The fact is a meat-free Thanksgiving can be a delicious alternative to the stuffed bird and giblet gravy.


  1. Check out food magazines Browse the October and November issues and of magazines like Vegetarian Times, Country Living, Martha Stewart, Gourmet and Bon Appetit. Even non-vegetarian up-scale magazines usually feature a few vegetarian options for the holidays.
  2. Choose a featured dish Unlike in a meat meal, the main dish can be anything you choose. Select something dramatic for the wow factor --- a filo encased curry, an Indonesian stew, or a squash strata are just a few, examples of main dishes that make the dinner special.
  3. Plan the rest of your menu to compliment your main dish Don't try to use traditional mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce with a Moroccan or Mexican main dish. It will just feel like a Thanksgiving dinner that's missing the turkey. Instead, select side dishes that go with the style and theme of the main course.
  4. Use table decor to go with your food theme Think of your table as a set...decorate it to go with the "play" you're Indian meal, a Chinese meal, or perhaps a Native American meal. Be creative with color and decorations.
  5. Try out your recipes Unless the main dish is something you've made before, try making a smaller version of it before the big day. If you've never made a souffle', the day you're expecting 20 for dinner isn't the right time to learn!
  6. Choose music to go with your theme Background music can make your meal complete. Most public libraries have a good selection of international music. When in doubt, soft jazz or classical can fill in for themed music of any kind.
  7. Keep the spirit of Thanksgiving Even with a different menu, the holiday is still about thanks and gratitude. Consider having everyone talk about things for which they are grateful. After all, Thanksgiving sans turkey is still Thanksgiving!


  • Let your guests know you are serving a different kind of Thanksgiving meal. Invitations with menus can get the word out before the holiday.
  • Try all new recipes in advance.
  • Shop for unusual ingredients well in advance of the holiday. You don't want to spend Wednesday afternoon searching the grocery stores for rose water or fresh ground cumin (hint -- try an Arabic market!)
  • Don't apologize for your turkey-free meal. Celebrate the new experience and enjoy your family and friends!
  • Your library will probably have issues of food magazines from previous years. Check them out for even more main dish and side dish ideas. Christmas issues are also a great place to look for festive recipes
  • Also check out TOFURKY ROASTS which are herb and rice stuffed "turkey" flavored roasts.

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