Whilst we, traditionally, in South Africa do not celebrate Thanksgiving, many of us have relatives and
loved ones across the oceans in both Canada and the United States who do celebrate this festive,
family occasion.

We have sourced thousands of activities, links and resources to make your Thanksgiving Holiday extra
special, from cooking your favourite recipes to shopping to free eBooks on the origins & history of

You are invited to browse our extensive directory of Thanksgiving resources.  I have no
doubt that you will find precisely the information you are looking for.  But........

Didn't find what you were looking for?  
Here you will find hundreds of additional ideas
for Thanksgiving inspiration.

For great ideas on planning your Thanksgiving dinner, be it for kids or adults or kids and
click here for inspiration... :))

All that remains is for me to wish you and your family a very blessed
and warm Thanksgiving.

How To: Preparing for that Special Togetherness
How to:  Step-by-Step to Delectable Pumpkin Pie
How To:  Make a Delicious Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meal
How to : Make a Beautiful & Stylish Thanksgiving Table Setting
How to:  Create Your Own Thanksgiving Prayer
How to:  Create a New Tradition
How to:  Make a Stunning Pop Up Turkey
For the most memorable Thanksgiving
Celebration that will have your guests
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for more...
Download a free eBook circa 1903 about ships and ship building.  Contains plans for model ships as well..
730 crafts, activities and recipes
for the whole Family.... click the
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