How much do you know about your teacher?

If you are preparing a teacher appreciation work or activity of any
kind, it is wise to first consider how much you actually know about
your teacher and why you feel a special appreciation for him or her.
Just take a piece of paper and write:

•        Teacher's full name.
•        Subject.
•        Gender and approximate age.
•        Husband or wife? Kids? Pets?
•        Where is he or she from?
•        Physical remarks (glasses, height, hair).
•        Normally wears
•        Any known hobby.
•        Funny details, like tics, words he/she repeats a lot, etc.
•        Anything else that may be important.
This short exercise will help you to organise your ideas. When you start
writing or creating any other kind of teacher appreciation material, it
will come out in a more fluent and easier way. Now, why do you feel
a special teacher appreciation for him or her?

You may wish to take a few minutes to think about:

•        Why are you particularly fond of this teacher?
•        How does he or she compare to other teachers you've had
•        Is he or she more tolerant than others?
•        Does he or she obtain true respect and teacher appreciation
from the class without getting angry?
•        Are his or her lessons particularly interesting, funny or just easier to
•        Does he or she address each student individually and meet his
or her particular needs?
•        Does he or she make efforts to solve your doubts, even beyond
his or her current knowledge?
•        Does he or she take some time to discuss with you students
beyond his or her particular subject?
•        Apart from his or her subject, what values have you learnt from
this teacher?
•        If you're thinking about a teacher  you had long ago, why do
you think you remember that person especially?
Teacher / Student Jokes
Inspirational Teacher Quotes
When we are very little, we tend to have a close relationship with our
teachers and we show them a lot of teacher appreciation in our
everyday life. But as we start growing up and seeking recognition
among our fellow students, being friends with the teachers becomes
unpopular. Too much teacher appreciation and you can be bullied by
your pals, so often, it's not until college that we develop again a sense
of true respect and affection for those whose whole life is devoted to
our intellectual growth.

A teacher's highest reward is feeling the true appreciation and gratitude
of his or her current or former students. Because teacher appreciation is
so seldom expressed, many teachers feel sad and frustrated about how
few of their students actually like them. If you feel that a particular
teacher is or has been crucial in your personal growth, or if you are
simply fond of him or her and the way they teach, don’t be shy to let
them know. You'll feel well and you’ll make that person the best
possible gift, because teaching is their life.
Teacher's Day
Teacher appreciation is a feeling expressed worldwide,
because teachers are that special part of the community
helping us all to grow up and be better citizens. This is why
most countries celebrate either the World Teachers’ Day
(WTD) or their own national equivalents. Have a
look at this
and explore the ways teacher appreciation is celebrated
around the planet.
Teacher Appreciation
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