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Sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little leprechaun
Dressed in green,
The tiniest man
That you have ever seen.
If you ever catch me, so it's told,
I'll give you my pot of gold.

Wee Little Patrick( tune Yankee Doodle)

Patrick is a leprechaun
He has a sack of gold
He hides it in a special place
Between two stumps, I'm told
I think I once saw Patrick
Out in the woods at play
He smiled and laughed and winked his eye
And then he ran away
Don't try to follow Patrick
To find his treasure sack
He'll twist and jump and run away
And he never will come back.

(sung to I'm a little teapot)
I'm a little Leprechaun short and green,
Here is my shamrock but I can't be seen,
When you pull my feather,hear me scream (everyone scream)
I'm a little Leprechaun,short and green.
Shamrocks, shamrocks,
On Ireland's hills,
Greenest of green
Over rocks and rills
Good luck do they bring,
For one and all
On St. Patrick's Day
We can see them all.

Green Song
Sung to "Bingo"
There is a Colour
That I say
Represents St. Patrick's Day
And Green is that Colour

The Clover Song
Sung to "The More we Get Together"
If I could be a clover,
A clover, a clover
If I could be a clover
I would have 4 leaves
One leaf for luck and one leaf for fun
If I could be a clover
I would have 4 leaves
One leaf for wisdom and one leaf for love
If I could be a clover
I would have 4 leaves

Where oh Where?
Sung to "Where oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?"

Where, oh where has my pot of gold gone?
Oh Where, Oh Where could it be?
It's black and big and full of gold,
Oh Where, Oh where could it be?

My Gold Lies Under a Rainbow
Sung to "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

My Gold Lies Under a Rainbow
My Gold Lies Under a tree
My Gold is Under a Leprechaun
Bring back my gold to me.
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my gold to me, to me
Bring back, bring back
Bring back my gold to me, to me.

Leprechaun Song
Sung to "I'm a little teapot"

I'm a little Leprechaun
Quick as can be
I hide my gold
Under a tree
If you see a rainbow
You may find
Where I left
My gold behind

Did you ever see a lassie?
Did you ever see a lassie, a lassie, a lassie
Did you ever see a lassie go this way and that?
Go this way and that way and this way and that way
Did you ever see a lassie go this way and that?

Who is Wearing Green Today?
Who is Wearing Green Today?
Green Today, Green Today?
Who is Wearing Green Today?
All Day Long

(Child's Name) is Wearing Green Today
Green Today, Green Today?
(Child's Name) is Wearing Green Today?
All Day Long

Leprechaun, Leprechaun Where's Your Gold?
Chanted and played like "Doggie Doggie Where's your Bone?"

Leprechaun, Leprechaun Where's Your Gold?
Somebody stole it, they are bold,
Under the rainbow, Behind a tree
Find your gold as quick as can be!

Leprechaun Song
by chicky-mama
Sung to "Mary had a Little Lamb"
I'm a little Leprechaun
I'm a little Leprechaun
Who likes to hide the gold


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St Patrick's Day Activities for Little Ones (Thanks Kim)

St Patrick's Day Song

Leprechaun Barb & Colour Sheet PDF

Two weeks ago, a leprechaun "lost" all his gold in our play spaces, he left us his pot and a reward notice saying that if we could find all his gold and refill
his pot by St. Pats Day, he would leave us a reward. The children have been having a wonderful time finding the gold (gold spray-painted items -
anything I could think of - marbles, rocks, buttons, keys, feathers, spoons etc.). Each time they find a piece of gold, they place it in the leprechauns pot
and I give them a "Lucky Shamrock" sticker to put on their cubby name label (we count how many items we have and how many stickers each child
has - Math). On St. Pats Day, the leprechaun will return at nap time and pick up his small pot full of gold - and in return he will leave a large pot (a
Halloween witch's cauldron) full of a reward. The reward will consist of shamrock shaped cookies, a pitcher of lemonade tinted green, festive cups and
napkins, and a goodie bag for each child.

St.Paddy's day little man puppet

cut a large shamrock out -- have the deck paste it on a large art stick or Popsicle stick and then add the arms (with attached little shamrocks for hands)
and legs (again with little shamrocks for feet)

Green and White Art
Let children make pictures using green glitter, Crayons, Pens, Coloured Pencils, Markers, Paint, String, Yarn, Ribbon, Tissue Paper, Torn Paper, Holes
from a Hole Punch, Shamrock Stickers, Buttons, Coloured Glue, Coloured Tape, Chalk, Wet Chalk, Wrapping Paper, Shamrock Shaped Sponge
Painting, Shamrock or Leprechaun stamps or Pasta or rice coloured with green food colouring.

Blarney Stone
Click here to see an image of this project
Let the children paint a rock as they desire. When the rock is dry parents can use it as a paper weight.

Shamrock Mobile
Have the children cut out and decorate different shamrock shapes, then attach the shapes to a hanger with yarn for a mobile.

Shamrock Headband
Have the children cut out and decorate two shamrock shapes. Then, have the children cut out two strips of paper, that when connected will fit around their
head. Connect the strips with glue or tape, (staples will catch the child's hair). Attach the shamrocks to green pipe cleaners and then onto the headband.

Green Shaving Cream Art
Add a few drops of green paint to shaving cream. Have the children use this to paint with. Not mixing the paint in will give it a special look.

Shamrock Hats
Make hats from newsprint and have the child decorate with green paint or shamrock stickers.

Shamrock People
Give the children a piece of white paper, and a green shamrock shape. Have the children glue the shamrock onto the paper, and then draw a body as if
the shamrock was a head.

Shamrock People 2
Draw a large shamrock shape from green construction paper. Have the children cut it out with 4 smaller shamrock shapes. Have the children draw a
face on the large shamrock shape. Supply the children with 4 strips of paper to fold accordion style for arms and legs. Have the children glue the small
shamrocks onto the strips of paper as hands and feet, then glue the arms and legs onto the body.

Torn Paper Shamrocks
Draw a shamrock shape on a piece of paper. Have the children tear pieces of green construction paper, and glue them inside the lines for the shamrock

Shamrock Necklaces
Supply the children with shamrock shaped stencil. Have the children cut out shamrock shapes from construction paper. Then, have them use a hole
punch to make a hole, so they can thread them onto a piece of yarn.

Noodle Necklaces
Supply the children with pasta noodles that have been dyed green, or use many different colours for a rainbow necklace, and yarn. Have the children
thread the noodles onto the yarn to make a necklace.

Sponge Art
Supply the children with St Patrick's Day sponges and paint and have them make a St Patrick's' Day scene with them.

Shamrock Cookie Cutter Art:
Obtain a cookie cutter that is shaped like a shamrock. Have the children dip the cookie cutter in a shallow container of green paint, then press onto a piece
of paper to make shamrock prints.

Green Spray Paint Art:
Obtain a clean spray bottle. Add water and a little bit of liquid or powdered tempera. Then, place a large piece of paper on an easel, and have the children
spray the coloured water onto the paper.

Kool Aid Art
Sprinkle a little dry green kool aid mix onto a piece of paper. Have your child spray water from a spray bottle onto the paper. For added adventure, you
may choose to take your children out into the rain with a piece of paper that has kool-aid on it.

Rain and Rainbow Collage
Look in a magazine or newspaper for pictures of rain, or rainbows, cut them out, and let your child glue them onto a piece of paper for a collage.

Shamrock cut outs

cookie cutters into paint and either paint a sweatshirt or on large pieces of paper.

Shamrock Puzzles

cut out a large shamrock and let the deck paste, paint crayon all over it. Depending on the age the deck later cut it into several pieces and let them put the
puzzle together!!

Ages: 2+Shamrock hunting

Take children into back yard or a park and have them look for four leaf clover. We actually found one last year!!!--- This can be done inside as well by
making construction paper clover and 1 four leaf shamrock and have the kids try and find it.

All ages Leprechaun mischief

While the children are out playing or before they arrive make some silly changes in the room like putting things out of place, hiding things, leaving gold
chocolate coins, etc. Leave green footprints Blame it on the leprechaun when they come in. Explain all about St. Patrick's day and leprechauns.

All ages  Coin hunting
Scatter gold chocolate coins in yard before children arrive and have fun searching for the "luck" left by the leprechauns.

Ages 2 1/2 +  Collage

Cut out a shamrock shape and have a box of green collage materials- yarn, fabric, ribbon, buttons, glitter. Add green colouring to glue and let them

Paper Plate Shamrocks
3 paper plates
Green Crayons
Green Construction paper
Colour all three paper plates green. Cut a stem from green construction paper. Glue the three paper plates together and in a triangle type shape. Then glue
the stem at the bottom.

Coffee Filter Shamrock
coffee filter
2 baby food jars
blue and yellow food colouring
Cut Coffee filter in the shape of a shamrock. Put water in two baby food jars. Add yellow food Colour in one jar and blue in the other. Give the children
tips and let them mix the colours on the coffee filter. You end up with a very interesting green shamrock.

St Pat's Ribbons
submitted by Wendy Hollands
Chesterville, Ontario, Canada
chenille stick
pom pom
wiggly eyes
I bent the glitzy chenille stick into a shamrock shape. The kids glued on the 1' pom pom. They glued on the shamrock ribbon in the back. They glued on
the two eyes. Then they glued on the feather. I glued the pin in the back with glue gun.

St Pat's Shamrocks
submitted by Lisa of Dreams and Discoveries
white rice
cooking oil
green food colouring
white poster board
1. Cut poster board into shamrock shapes, one per child
2. Pour rice into large bowl, coat lightly with oil, put in several drops of food colouring, stir until rice is green
3. Let rice dry on paper towels for several hours
4. Give each child a poster board shamrock, Let each child Pour glue all over shamrock, then spread thin with q-tip
5. Give each child a small bowl with green rice in it, Let child sprinkle rice all over glue, Let dry.
ages 2-6 (help the little ones)

Sparkle Shamrocks
cereal box cardboard
pinto beans
green paint
paint brushes
1. Cut a large shamrock shape out of your cardboard
2. Glue the pinto beans onto the shamrock
3. Let dry overnight
4. Paint Green & sprinkle with glitter

Shamrock Wands
From Craft's for St Patrick's Day
by Kathy Ross
Text © Kathy Ross, Art © Sharon Lane Holm
Used by permission of the Millbrook Press
green construction paper
gold glitter
green straw
thin ribbon in both green and gold
1. Cut three heart shapes from the green paper. Glue the tips of the three shapes together to form a shamrock.
2. Staple the centre of the shamrock to the end of the straw to make a handle
3. Decorate the shamrock with gold glitter
4. Cut three or more 3 foot ribbons. Hold the ribbons together and staple them to the back of the shamrock at the centre so that the ends hang down from
the shamrock wand.
5 Cut several tiny shamrocks and staple them along the ribbons.
Maybe your magic wand will help you catch a leprechaun!!

Shamrock People
construction paper
Cut large shamrock shape our of green paper. Fold white paper accordion style for arms and legs. Cut small shamrocks for hands and feet. Glue at ends
of accordion arms and legs. Decorate large shamrock as a face. Very Cute!

Shamrock Fishing Game
Tie 3 feet of string to a wooden spoon. Attach a magnet to the end of the string. Cut and laminate many different coloured, and sized shamrocks from
construction paper (not too big though). Attach a paper clip to each shamrock. Spread the shamrock shapes on the floor and Let your child try to catch the
shamrocks. Have them try to catch the red shamrock.. Or the biggest shamrock. For a twist, label the shamrock with letters Or numbers. Ask the
children to catch a specific shamrock, Or ask them which shamrock they caught.

Leprechaun Steps
Cut out footprints from green shelf liner and place them on the floor. Have the children follow the footprints around the room.

Shamrock Search
Cut out many shamrock shapes and hide them around the room. Have the children search for them like an Easter Egg hunt.

Shamrock Search 2
Cut out one shamrock shape. Hide it in the room. Have a chair in the centre of the room. The children should look for the shamrock, then the first child to
find the shamrock sits in the chair. The child in the chair then goes to get the shamrock, the other children hide their eyes and the child hides the
shamrock, and the process is restarted.

Shades of Green
Supply the children with green and white paint. Allow the children to mix a small amount of the paints together. What happens? For younger children, you
child add the paint to a zip lock bag to minimise the mess.

Shades of Green 2
Give the children blue and yellow paint. (A lot more yellow than blue) Let the children mix the paint to see what happens.

Shades of Green 3
Supply the children with three clear cups of water, one with a drop of blue food colouring, one with a drop of yellow food colouring, and one empty cup.
Supply the children with plastic eye droppers and Let them mix the colours in the empty cup. (Add more colouring as desired)

Shamrock Sequencing
Cut out many different sizes of shamrocks. Four Or five will be fine. Have your child arrange the shamrocks in order of size, largest to smallest, Or
smallest to largest.

Treasure Hunt 1
Draw a simple map of your house. Hide a "treasure" somewhere in your house, something like a snack, Or maybe a treasured toy. Explain the map to
your child. Tell them where each room is. Next say there is a hidden treasure in the house, and the map is going to help them find it. Draw an X on the
map where you have hidden the treasure. Help your child look for the treasure.

Treasure Hunt 2
Make a list of items you would like your child to find on a walk. Like a stick, leaf, fire hydrant, Or blue car. Explain to your child that you are going on a
treasure hunt and go over the list with your child. At first the items should be very easy to find.. And later can increase in difficulty. Go on the walk with
the paper And mark of the items as your child finds them. This is really fun. Some more difficult ideas... Find an item that is: taller than you, can fit in your
hand, is too heavy to lift, as long as your arm, is three different colours. Etc.

Four Leaf Clover
Cut out four, three leafed clovers, And one four leafed clover. Set all five clovers on a table And ask the child to find the four leafed clover.

Four Leaf Clover Sizing
Cut out five different sized clovers. Have the child arrange the clovers by size.

Green Day
Send a letter home, ask the parents to dress the children in green clothing on a certain day.

Hunt for Green
Ask your child to look for things that are green. Write down what they find.

Shamrock Fishing Game
Tie 3 feet of string to a wooden spoon. Attach a magnet to the end of the string. Cut And laminate many different coloured, And sized shamrocks from
construction paper (not too big though). Attach a paper clip to each shamrock. Spread the shamrock shapes on the floor And Let your child try to catch the
shamrock. Have them try to catch the red shamrock.. Or the biggest shamrock. For a twist, label the shamrock with letters Or numbers. Ask the children
to catch a specific shamrock, Or ask them which shamrock they caught.

Magic Leprechaun glasses
green tagboard cut into shamrock shaped sunglasses with green cellophane covering the eye openings

Leprechaun binoculars
2 tp rolls stapled together and painted green. We will look for Leps all day.

Filter Paper Shamrocks
Precut shamrock shape out of coffee filters. Mix water and yellow food colouring and place mixture in a baby food jar. Do the same for blue. Let the
children use eyedroppers to drip colours on the filter shape. The colours will run together and make beautiful shamrocks.

Filter Paper Eggs
Precut egg shapes out of coffee filters. Mix water with the basic colours. Do the same as above. Create wonderful eggs.

Shamrock Prints
Cut bell pepper in half and clean out the seeds. The children can dip the cross sections of the pepper into some green paint and press the shamrock print
onto paper.

Rainbow in a jar
Take a large glass jar, fill it 3/4 with water. Drop a single drop of food colouring into the jar from about a foot above the jar, so the colouring makes it's way
almost to the bottom. Try different colours.

Prism fun
You can find a prism at many science stores Or teachers store. Show your child the prism, And how to see all the colours of a rainbow in the prism.

Which Colour is missing?
Draw several different rainbow on small pieces of paper. Each one, exclude a Colour that should be in the rainbow.. So the first exclude red, second
orange... Etc. Then make a rainbow that has all the colours. Show the children the rainbow with all the colours on it. Ask what colours do they see. Then
show each card to the children And ask them if they can guess what colour is missing
Variation: Put the colours in the wrong order. See if the children can see which colour is not in the right place.

Sand And Water Table Ideas:
- Add a little green food colouring to water
- Add green food colouring And soap to the water
- supply the children with green coloured pasta noodles
- hide plastic gold coins in the sand for them to hunt for

The Hunt for Gold:
You can buy plastic gold coins Or just make some from yellow tag-board. Hide them around the room And have the children hunt around the room for

Pot of Gold Toss
Supply the children with yellow bean bags (gold) And a laundry basket, the pot And have them toss the gold into the pot

Shamrock Hop
Place shamrock shapes on the floor. Have the children hop from one shamrock to the next.

Tall and Small
Here is a giant who is tall, tall, tall.
Here is an elf who is small, small, small.
The elf who is small will try, try, try.
To reach the giant who is high, high, high.
Act out the movements as you sing. Stand tall, slowly sink to the floor, slowly rise, stand tall, stretch and reach arms high.

Cut out 10 potato shapes out of brown paper and number them 1-10. Place them on the floor in a row and have the kids jump from one to ten singing One
potato, two potato, three potato four...etc.

Foods And Snacks

Shamrock Cookies
Use your favourite sugar cookie recipe And a shamrock shaped cookie cutter. When the cookies are cool, Let the children place green icing And green
sugar on top.

Irish Stew
Serve an Irish Stew for lunch with some world famous soda breads And you can't go wrong....

Kool Aid
Serve green cool aid.

Green Milkshake
Add a drop of green food colouring to milk, a dollop of vanilla ice cream And serve green milkshake.

St. Patrick's Day Ice Cream
Add a drop of green food colouring to vanilla ice cream, Or serve chocolate mint ice cream. Both are great with green sprinkles.

Green Foods
Serve different types of green foods, such as grapes, muskmelon And kiwi. Serve in shamrock shaped dishes (optional).

Make it Green
You can add green (or blue And yellow) food colouring to whipped cream, sprite, milk, white grape juice, cream cheese, sugar cookie dough, muffin or
bread dough to add a little excitement & variation to the St. Patrick's Day snacks.

Leprechaun Pudding.
Materials: one 1-ounce box of sugar free instant pistachio pudding for every five children, 1/2 cup of milk per child, 1 small resealable plastic bag per
child, 1/2 cup measuring cup, 1 spoon per child.
Put tablespoon of pudding mix in sandwich bag, add milk, then close the baggy and have kids shake and squeeze, then eat

St Patrick's Day
Poems, Activities, Songs & Rhymes
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St Patrick's Day
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