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The Gaelic translation of the word Leprechaun is shoemaker,  
descended from the Tuatha De Danann (a heroic race of warriors who lived in Ireland before the

Dwarfed men about the size of a child who lives alone and makes tiny shoes for the Sidhe   

Famous for their hidden pots of gold.  You must catch them and make them tell where it is.  

They love to trick and torment greedy people.


Banshee (Bean-Sidhe) is Gaelic for the Woman of the Fairy Race.

the Banshee wails (cries) when one of the people in an old Irish family (one with Celtic lineage)
is about to die.  

Each Banshee has her own 'adopted' family and will follow and watch over the descendants
where ever they go (even across oceans)

It is believed that the Banshee is the spirit of a deceased relative who died young.

when she is sad, she has silvery hair with a delicate grey cloak and eyes rimmed red from

At other times she is a beautiful young girl with long red hair dressed in green after the Irish

Lianhan Shee (Love Fairy):

Only one of these fairies exists

she seeks the love and dominion of mortal men--if they refuse her, she is their slave and if they
consent they are her slave

To meet her, a man must go to Tir-na-n-Og, (they must pass through death)
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