Fun Science Experiments
Science experiments that you can do in the home & in the classroom
The following Science Experiments For Kids activities (including note page) are
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Experiment - Build Your Own Periscope

Experiment - Chromatology of Inks

Experiments with Baking Powder and Lemon Juice

Experiments With Acid

Experiment - Write Secret Messages

Experiment - Fun With Baking Powder and Vinegar

Experiment - Grow Your Own Crystals

Experiment - Make Electricity from Lemons

Preview our Big Book of Science Experiments Containing 24 Experiments with
Can Crushing Experiment

How to Make a Fairly Easy Science Project

4th Grade Science Ideas

How to make a Simple Spectrum

How to Make a Galaxy

How to Make a Potato Clock

How to bend water with Static Electricity

How to Grow Bacteria in a Petri Dish

How to Make a Rain Gauge

How to Build a Steam Power Model Kettle and Pinwheel Method

How to Set Up a Science Lab

How to Make Colour Swirls Experiment

How to Make a Fire Using Carrots

How to Make a Model Volcano Pyroclastic Flow
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