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How to Think of Fourth Grade Science Project Ideas

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The big day is coming and we aren't talking about graduation day! A science fair is extremely important, especially to 4th graders because it is a year where science tends to be drilled into youngsters' minds. To get some tips on how to gather ideas for a project, read on young scientists! (And parents who help them, of course!)


  1. Gather a list of topics. Where to look for these topics is actually quite obvious! Look in your textbook. This is where students have been most likely learning from all year so it generally will have ideas the teacher is looking for.
  2. Check websites! The internet has some great stuff. Take wikiHow for example. You found this article didn't you? From the list of topics you gathered from the textbook, use those to research more. Branch out. For example if your textbook had information on the sun, a topic you could potentially Google could be "UV Rays". Also, look in the first page of the book that you have to see if a website is listed. The textbook's site could have helpful links.
  3. Consider your interests. If you are a fourth grader who loves art, then by all means do a project that involves art! Example: A drawing of the planets. However, if you can't stand music and you choose a project that involves you singing a song about photosynthesis...yeah...not a good idea! Considering what you love will result in a brilliant project.
  4. Ask your friends and family. They are here to help you, we promise! Maybe they have an idea that you didn't think of, or they can help you branch out your idea so it isn't quite as broad.
  5. Ask the teacher. Choosing a project where you throw legos at your classmates to prove gravity before checking with Mrs. or Mr. Teacher isn't a good idea either! Have them approve the topic before working.


  • If you are doing the same thing as someone else, don't accuse them of cheating!


  • Don't browse the internet alone 4th graders! Have mom or dad help you.

Things You'll Need

  • A computer
  • A pencil
  • Paper

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