Probably the single most important aspect of your child's early academic development  
is learning to read and acquiring and sustaining a love of reading.  Of course any child's
interest needs to be perked in order for them to want to read and read and read and
slowly progress from simple books with large illustrations and words to longer books with
fewer illustrations and smaller words.  It does not happen overnight.  

The journey to a love of reading is rarely accomplished overnight, but once you have
reached that destination, a whole new world will open up for your child where he or she
can visit places only dreamed about, live in that beautiful castle, become friends with
the fairies and take a safari trip to Africa, perhaps even journey to the centre of the

I have compiled a large selection of mostly well known fables & fairy tales into eBook
form and included age appropriate comprehension questions in each book.  Bearing in
mind every child develops (and I hasten to add should be allowed and encouraged to
develop at their own pace) I have divided these books into various groups, Group 1
being for the very early learner, where mum's help would more than likely be required
and so it becomes a fun joint effort between educator and child.  Of course as with
every section of this site there are related printables and hundreds of non-fiction
ebooks that are available for you to freely download.

Please visit this link for a list of books available in each group.
Click on the thumbnails to
preview these books :)
Reading Comprehension
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