"A Day Hemmed in
Prayer Seldom
Comes Unravelled"
Research studies show that sewing not only improves eye-hand coordination, it
stimulates creativity and helps children develop patience, perseverance and
problem-solving skills.

"Thread the Needle Day" is a great day to introduce the concept of sewing to your
child. Show your child a needle and a spool of thread. Explain how they are used. Let
your child watch as you thread a needle and sew fabric together, mend clothing, or
sew on a button. While preschool age children may not have the ability to sew with a
real needle and thread, there are lots of sewing and lacing toys they can enjoy.

Make Your Own Sewing Cards!
What You'll Need:
Cardboard or posterboard cut into large shapes such as circles, triangles, squares,
and rectangles.
Hole Punch
Long Piece of Yarn
What To Do:
Punch evenly spaced holes (about 1" apart) around the edge of the cardboard shape.

Take one end of the yarn and put Scotch Tape around the end to make it stiff and
needle-like. Tie a large knot on the other end of the yarn. (Make sure the knot is large
enough so that it won't slip through the punched holes on the cardboard.) Then, show
your child how to thread the yarn through one hole, and then another, until they have
sewn the yarn through all of the holes. Cut any leftover yarn, and tie or tape the loose
end of yarn in place. Then, sew another card.  Source: with thanks to

Hands On Fun
Play a game of
Thread the Needle with the whole family today!
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Sewing Activities for Children
Thread the Needle Day
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