Cherry Festival & Cherry Pit Spitting Day!

7 July is Cherry Pit Spitting Day.  Cherries are in abundance at this time of year (in the
Northern Hemisphere) and many people engage in cherry pit spitting contests. In fact,
the Guinness World Record for competitive cherry-pit spitting is 93 feet 6.5 inches! Cherry
pit spitting is for older children and adults.  According to a
CBS news report, cherry pits
are to be avoided until a child reaches the age of 4, because they are a choking hazard.
Even then, constant parental supervision is needed when eating cherries with pits.

That said, you can still celebrate cherries. Here are some fun ideas:

Read the book
Hidden Cherries by Anne Margaret Lewis, the official children's book of the
National Cherry Festival! On these pages your child can go on a hunt to find 100 images
of "Mr. Cherry" cleverly hidden in the pictures. Once you've found them all, look for cherry
treasures in the cherry treasure box. Fun!   Read the book
Wild Cherry's Wish by Cicely
Mary Barker.

Click-Clack Cherries! When you buy a package of bulk cherries, you may find some
double-stemmed cherries. Holding the tip of the double stem in one hand with the
cherries facing down toward the ground - pick one cherry up and let it fall against the
other. It will knock the other cherry sideways starting a pendulum action. How long will it
continue? Try it and find out.

Use a Cherry Paint Brush! Cut a pitted cherry in half and let your child use it to make cherry
prints or to draw designs on paper.

Make a Cherry Pie! This recipe is designed for parents and children to make a cherry pie
together. It uses frozen pie crusts to reduce the amount of time and labour. But you have
all of the fun of removing the cherry pits by hand, and preparing the filling together! It
tastes delicious!
Cherry Activities
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