June 6th is National Yo-Yo Day! It's also the birthday of yo-yo manufacturer Donald F. Duncan. I
thought it might be fun to celebrate with some Yo-Yo-themed maths activities and more...

Recommended Websites:

Yo-Yo Math Mat PDF Download

Age Range: 4-10 (Pre-K to 5th grade)

The link above takes you directly to the pdf where you can download and print a Yo-Yo Math Mat.

Hang on -- there's more to this site than just the yo-yo mat, so read all the way through this review.

Once you print out the Yo-Yo Math Mat, use it to play a math game with your children). You will
need a math mat for each player, at least one dice, and tokens (coins or poker chips work).

Let's say you were going to play a game of number recognition from 1-6.

  • Give each child a math mat and tokens.
  • Each child takes turns rolling the dice. If the child can identify the number on the dice, then
    he/she covers one yo-yo design on the mat.
  • Continue until someone fills all of the squares on the mat.
  • Older or more math-savvy children could roll 2 dice and add the numbers together, or
    multiply the
  • Those that get the correct answer would cover their yo-yos with tokens.

These mats can also be used to practise letters, sight words, and punctuation marks, etc. It just
depends on the ability level and interest of the child. You'll find all kinds of math mats at this site
for just about every topic imaginable.

main math mat page is here

There's more! This site also has many printables to use for math, science, and language arts
activities including toss games, popcorn words, bingo, gameboards, cutting patterns, weather
charts and more. As you click on a menu item, a new page opens with a new menu selection of
printables. Scroll down to the bottom of that page to see instructions for  how to use the printables.
Then, click on any one to print it out. While it looks like the site is not updated frequently, what is
there is very useful. Access it all from the
main page at: High School Yo-Yo Algebra Problem PDF

PBS Mathline offers this high school algebra lesson on solving linear equations in a
downloadable pdf. When you click on the link the pdf will open -- it takes a minute or so to
download, so be patient.

After doing your math homework, it's time for some yo-yo fun!

Yomega.com: Learn Cool Tricks

At this site you can watch videos that demonstrate popular tricks like "Walk the Dog" or "Shoot the

Kids can improve coordination and dexterity by trying these yo-yo techniques. Yo-Yo ability varies
from kid to kid. These tricks look geared for ages 9 and up.

(Parents, as always, should preview sites to determine suitability for your own child.)

Make a Chinese Paper Yo-Yo
A Chinese Paper Yo-Yo may be easier for a young child to use. This site provides instructions on
how to make your own.
Yo-Yo Activities
730 crafts, activities and
recipes for the whole
Family.... click the
thumbnail for more...
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