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Definition: A doughnut (IPA: /ˈdoʊnət, ˈdoʊˌnʌt/) (also spellt "donut" or "do-nut") is a
sweet, deep-fried piece of dough or batter. The two most common types are the torus-
shaped ring doughnut and the filled doughnut, a flattened sphere injected with jam, jelly,
cream, custard, or other sweet filling. A small spherical piece of dough may be cooked as
a doughnut hole. Baked doughnuts are a variation that is baked in an oven instead of
being deep fried. Source :

"The earliest occurrence of the word (doughnut) is in the "History of New York" by
Washington Irving (1809). He had to define the word, so we can assume that it was not a
widely known dish at the time, at least to his audience. And, interestingly, he defines
doughnuts as "balls of sweetened dough, fried in hog's fat". This suggests that
doughnuts were not named after knots or nuts and bolts, but instead after nuts like
walnuts or pecans. They were balls of dough that, when fried to a deep golden brown,
resembled nuts. Doughnuts only took their torus shape to overcome a problem inherent
in balls of dough - uncooked centres. Removing the centres ensured that the doughnuts
would be cooked throughout." Source

Regardless of who invented doughnuts and when, one thing is certain: when doughnut
making became mechanised the homemade shape, taste and texture, common to the
home kitchens around the world, was lost. We at OSO-ONO Foods LLC are trying our
best to make that homemade product available to you once again.

Another short history of doughnuts - Possible origins

Oliebollen Dutch doughnutsDoughnuts have a disputed history. One theory suggests
that doughnuts were introduced into North America by Dutch settlers, who were
responsible for popularising other American desserts, including cookies, apple pie, cream
pie, and cobbler. This theory is bolstered by the fact that in the mid-19th century
doughnuts were called olykoeks ("oily cakes") by the Dutch. However, there is also
archaeological evidence that the pastries were prepared by prehistoric Native Americans
in the southwestern United States.

Hansen Gregory, an American, claimed to have invented the ring-shaped doughnut in
1847 aboard a lime-trading ship when he was only sixteen years old. Gregory was
dissatisfied with the greasiness of doughnuts twisted into various shapes and with the raw
centre of regular doughnuts. He claimed to have punched a hole in the centre of dough
with the ship's tin pepper box and later taught the technique to his mother.

According to anthropologist Paul R. Mullins, the first cookbook mentioning doughnuts was
an 1803 English volume which included doughnuts in an appendix of American recipes.
By the mid-19th century the doughnut looked and tasted like today’s doughnut and was
viewed as a thoroughly American food.

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