Trick or Treat!
Fun Ideas for Halloween
By Jan K., The Proofer

Halloween can be fun and not just a chore of handing out candy to kids who are
dressed in pre-made, off-the-rack costumes.

Put the TRICK Back Into the TREAT

Every year, I find three things that are definitely not treats and I put them in re-sealable
plastic bags (I use Ziploc® bags). I use these for “tricks” and attempt to hand them out
to the kids. I use things like a squashed up soda can, a handful of dryer lint, crumbled
newspaper, chicken fat (I put that in a sealed bag inside of a sealed bag---believe me,
it looked really gross!---and I save it for older kids), a couple of broken crayons, old
Birthday Cake candles that were half-burned, expired cents-off coupons, and a variety
of other junk. I put these “tricks” in a “cauldron” (one of those black, plastic “witch’s
cauldron” buckets that you can pick up at any variety store), and wait for the knock on
the door.

Depending on the age of the trick-or-treater, I have the black cauldron in my hand, and
I select a trick. Very seriously, I ask, “How about a nice crushed can?” I usually get a very
puzzled look from Spiderman or KimPossible. Then I select another trick and ask, “Well,
how about some dryer lint?” This time, I generally get a giggle. I’ll pick up one more trick
and say, “OK, here’s some old crayons.” Now, I usually get some kind of response like
“NO!” or “I want candy!”

Finally, I’ll reach for my other black cauldron, and pull out a bag of candy and I’ll fill
everyone’s trick-or-treat bag.

It’s fun and it makes the routine of answering the door and handing out candy a lot of
fun! It is especially fun with the older kids, and you can play it up a little more (and use
“gross” but harmless tricks).

Put On a Costume!

Come on, admit it---you like to dress up as a witch (my personal favorite), or a fairy
queen (wear your wedding dress---and get some fun use out of it!), or some character
that suits your style (be a character from Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings).

Years ago, I made myself a really great witch’s costume, complete with high-necked
floor-length black dress, an overskirt of long strips of black see-through chiffon sewed
on at odd angles, long cape, and high-peaked hat that I crush and crumple so that the
point of the hat hangs over at an odd angle. I do the make-up, spray my hair green, pull
on black lacy stockings, and strap on black tap shoes (with no taps).

Most little kids are just a little afraid of me at first, and with the really little kids I don’t
talk like a witch. Sometimes if I can tell whether it’s a boy or girl, I’ll ask them if they are
Hansel or Gretel (some kids know the fairy tale, and some don’t, but it’s worth a try!) For
the children and then older kids, I get more “into character” (especially when I can
hand out chicken fat as a trick!).

Just remember that Halloween can be fun. Don’t let it be a chore. If you’ve made the
decision to buy candy and hand it out to kids, then don’t let it be “just a job” that you
do every October 31st!

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