Make a Halloween Placemat!
Here is a really easy "craft" project that either you or your child can do to
make Halloween placemats for your kitchen or dining room table!

This article will give you all the instructions, plus illustrations, for making
Halloween placemats. The Halloween free printables are provided by
Mom's Break at:

To make Halloween table placemats, you will need the following:

Coloured Construction Paper
Scissors, Glue Stick or White Glue
Plastic Page Protectors
Illustrated Instructions
Free Printables provided by
Mom's Break
First, print the illustrated instructions at:

These instructions contain several pictures, so it might take several (long)
seconds for the page to open. Once the page does open, then allow a
few extra second for all the pictures to appear.

Print the free Halloween Printables from the free printables offered by
Mom's Break. Print several of one kind, or print one of several kinds, as you
desire, to use as your placemats.

You can personalize the placemats by using one of three different

Write on the placemat with a marker
Print and glue on names
Personalize placemat using Microsoft Paint*
For easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions for how to use Microsoft Paint
(which is a software program that usually comes with any Microsoft
operating system), go to:

http:// These
instructions contain quite a few pictures, so it might take several (long)
seconds or even a few minutes for the page to open. Once the page does
open, then allow a few extra second for all the pictures to appear. The
illustrations are pictures of computer screens, with helpful arrows, to show
you exactly what to do.

Once you have prepared all the placemats by personalizing them, or
even just decorating them with Halloween stickers (or letting your son or
daughter draw pictures and color them!), then you are ready to assemble

Select construction paper of any colour to match the placemat, or use
several different colours. The construction paper will be the "back" of the
placemat, so you can use any colour you'd like.

To prevent the colours of the printed placemat from running (from drink
spills), use clear plastic page protectors. You can find them in any office
supplies store, such as Office Depot. Be sure to get the page protectors
that are side punched for 3-ring binders, that do not have an extra "tab"
extension for the holes. These are very cheap! I like to keep them handy for
other printables projects---and they are great for scrapbooking!

Match the placemat with a piece of construction paper. Open the sheet
protector, insert papers, and fold the flap of sheet protector back over
itself to close the protector.

For other Halloween-related crafts, party, and costume ideas, please visit
Jan's Holidays_and_Seasonal.  The information on this page is copyrighted
by the authors and is used with permission.  It is for personal use only.
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