Goosebumps Stories
by RL Stine
Goose bumps or goose pimples are the bulges produced by your
piloerector muscles. These are the muscles that can make your hairs
stand on end. In other animals like mice, cats, dogs; making your hair
stand on end is a good thing. If you’re cold you trap more air next to your
body and it thermally insulates you. If you’re scared it makes you look
much bigger. If you look much bigger then you’re scary to other animals
and they’re less likely to attack you. We’re obviously derived and related
to all these other mammals that do this but have less hair. It doesn’t
serve a useful purpose in us, it’s just a sort of evolutionary vestige.

The Naked Scientist
246 pages absolutely jam-packed
with Family Fun Activities &
Teaching Resources. This book
includes lesson plans, crafts,
recipes, Jokes & Riddles,
Crosswords, Wordsearches,
Vocabulary 7 counting  exercises,
Handwriting & memory, numbers,
phonics, colouring, Halloween
Safety, Superstitions, History, Sight
word cards, fingerplays,
scrapbooking pages, tags, bags and
labels, incitations and more.
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154 pgs of Lesson Plans,
Activities and thematic
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730 crafts, activities and
recipes for the whole
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