Make a Halloween Gift Bag for Your Friends

Halloween can be fun for grown-ups, too! I use it as an excuse to make little
Halloween Gift Bags that I give to my friends, kids, kids' friends and business associates.

You don't need much, and you don't have to spend a lot of money.  I buy an
assortment of Trick or Treat bags, candies, candles, and whatever else catches my
eye, and then I use these things to make up fun treat bags.  Great goodies can be
found at Bargain Basket in Pietermaritzburg.  Each gift bag costs less than $1 total, so I
make up plenty of them and keep them handy.

Since I work at home, I like to send a little Halloween Gift Bag like this to my clients. A
little bag of Tootsie Rolls or M&Ms (basically, anything that's chocolate) will get a
smile out of everyone, including the men!

To make quick, easy, and inexpensive Halloween Gift Bags, you'll need:

Trick or Treat Candy Bags
Other small Halloween-related items (let your imagination run away with you!)
Halloween Gift Tags (see below)
Simply stuff each bag with a few candies or other Halloween favors into a bag, fold
over the top, and attach a gift tag!

Hand them out to friends, business associates and even the checker at the grocery
store...and watch the huge smile that you get in return!

Here's an idea for what to put in a bag:

The gift tags are meant to be printed on sheets of business cards. If you are unfamiliar
about working with business cards, then please see my tutorial:

For your convenience, I have provided Halloween Gift Tags that are already made.
One set just has a Halloween picture on each card, and one set has a place for you to
type in someone's name:

For more tutorials about working with jpg (picture/graphic) files, with easy-to-follow
illustrated instructions, go to:

For more Halloween crafts, ideas, and tips for easy-to-make, cheap-to-buy Halloween
costumes, please go to Jan's Reading Room Halloween:

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