How to Draw a Dinosaur

How to Draw Dinosaurs

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Have you ever wanted to draw a dinosaur for homework, kids or maybe just for fun? Here is how to draw a dinosaur accurately.


  1. Think of the dinosaur you want to draw. As there are hundreds of dinosaurs to choose from, you may want to pick a dinosaur before you begin to draw and learn a bit about it. If you can find a photograph of a fossilized skeleton or an artist's conception of the dinosaur to look at, it will help you to visualize the shape.
  2. Draw a shape for the head and shoulders or body, for starters. After drawing these few shapes, your chosen dinosaur will eventually form.
  3. Draw 'sausage' shapes for their upper and lower forelegs, then repeat for their hind legs.
  4. Add distinctive features like horns, armour plating, sails, back plates or crests, for example. Draw them first as light shapes or lines so you can see where they will go.
  5. Plan where the dinosaur's eyes, mouth and ears will go.
  6. Draw the outlines. This will form the true shape of the dinosaur.
  7. Lightly draw the pattern of your dinosaur. This is where you can have fun, because nobody knows the colour of pattern of any dinosaur. This is up to you.
  8. Write down your dinosaur's name, along with yours and your signature.


  • You could also colour in your dinosaur, add shading, add a background or, if you want to really improve your drawings, do all of this. Then as a final product you could even do all of that and turn your drawing into a prehistoric scene.
  • Learn about your dinosaur. It will help you develop its pattern and colours.
  • Remember, not all dinosaurs lived at the same time and in the same country, so if you want to draw a realistic scene keep that in mind.
  • Not all prehistoric animals were dinosaurs. Pterosaurs (otherwise wrongly known as pterodactyls),marine reptiles, mammoths,cavemen, giant insect etc. were not dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaurs didn't live with cavemen.
  • Experiment and practise.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Pen or paintbrush
  • Paper

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