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Ankylosaurus means 'fused lizard' in Greek. It is one of largest members of a
group of armoured dinosaurs.

What Did It Look Like?
Ankylosaurus was heavily armoured. Its back was covered in thick plates. Also,
there were two rows of spikes along its back and its tail ended in a big bony
club. These features were used as a defence against bigger dinosaurs like
Tyrannosaurus. However the belly was unprotected, but because
Ankylosaurus had a row of spikes on each side, and was very heavy, it was
hard to flip it over.

What did it eat?
Ankylosaurus was a herbivore. This means it only ate plants.

When did it live?
Ankylosaurus lived between 68 to 65.5 million years ago, during the late
Cretaceous Period, and was one of the dinosaurs to survive until the K-T mass

Where did it live?
Ankylosaurus lived in woodland with lots of open spaces and clearings, where
lots of plant-life could be found. They lived in North America but close relatives
lived in Asia.

How was it discovered?
Ankylosaurus fossils have been found in the continent of North America. They
were named in 1908 by a famous fossil-hunter named Barnum Brown.
Ankylosaurus footprints have been found in Bolivia, South America.

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