Our Thousands of free Christmas activities can be found at this link. Please take your time
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to receive a book, a puzzle, a song,  as a Christmas Gift. Please help yourself to whatever is
available on these pages.  There are some extraordinary downloads available, and with a
little imagination (and a printer) YOU can make a child's (or adult for that matter) Christmas

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The following well-known and loved and some not so well-known Christmas stories are
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our extraordinary, curriculum-based,
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Christmas Bundle is a featured Download.
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This Beautifully presented Educational Activity Pack consists of not one, but
FIVE of Hans Christian Anderson's Well-Loved Tales.  Included within the pack:
  • Audio File for the Little Match Girl
  • Lesson Plans for all 5 of the stories
  • Mini-booklets for each story
  • Lesson Plans and Resources for Each Story
  • 7 Self-extracting The Little Match Girl Jigsaw Puzzles
  • A Comprehensive 142 Pg Curriculum-Based eBook including Teaching
    Plans, Resources, Activities & more
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheets reproducible for Each of the 5
  • Hans Christian Anderson Biography and Lesson Plan
  • 162 pg Christmas Themed Colouring In & Activity Book for Very Little
    People which incorporates
  • 12 Days of Christmas Activity Pack, Copywork, Sheet Music, Puzzles and

View the
Entire Package at Currclick.   This is an exceptional Gift for any child
or educator since it includes reading comprehension and evaluation,
grammar exercises, vocabulary, critical thinking skills, handwriting exercises,
creative writing, phonics and more.... Can be adapted for very young to the
much older learner.
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