Christmas Alphabet #1

C is for the Candy trimmed around the Christmas
H is for the Happiness with all the family.
R is for the Reindeer prancing by the window pane.
I is for the Icing on the cake as sweet as sugar
S is for the Stocking on the chimney wall.
T is the Toys beneath the tree so tall.
M is for the Mistletoe where every one is kissed.
A is for the Angels who make up the Christmas list.
S is for old Santa who makes every kid his pet.
Be good and he'll bring you everything in your
Christmas Alphabet.

Christmas Alphabet #2

"C" is for the Christ Child born upon this day
"H" for herald angels in the night
"R" means our Redeemer
"I" means Israel
"S" is for the star that shone so bright
"T" is for three wise men, they who traveled far
"M" is for the manger where He lay
"A" is for all He stands for
"S" means shepherds came
And that's why there's a Christmas Day.

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Christmas Alphabet Song
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