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Autumn Main Page
Autumn/ Fall PDF eBooks
Autumn Songs

For Parents/Educators you are very welcome to download any or all of our Grade K-5 Thematic
Units and/or Lesson Plans for use in your homes, homeschool, classroom or community centres.  
These pages feature activities, teaching resources, poetry, songs and rhymes as well as fun
educational printables for various age groups..

Acrostic Poem
Alphabet Flash Cards
Calendar Pieces
Concentration Game
Days of the Week
How Many?
Number cards
Fall Addition
Write the Definition
Interactive Crossword Puzzle For Older Learners (Must have Java enabled)
Printer-friendly crossword for older learners    GRID    ANSWER KEY
Autumn Crossword for Older Learners PDF    Answer PDF

Autumn Crossword for Little People - Interactive, Java enabled
Printer-friendly Grid   Answer Key
Autumn for Little Folk PDF    Answer PDF

Autumn Leaves Crossword - Interactive, Java enabled
Printer-friendly Grid   Answer Key
Leaves Crossword PDF   Answer PDF

How to Press Flowers and Leaves
How to Paint a Fall Leaf
How to Make an Autumn Bunch

Learning about The Grey Squirrel
Learning About the red Squirrel
Learning About Birds

Autumn Jigsaw Puzzles
The following jigsaw puzzles are self-extracting .EXE files.  Right click and "save as" to your

Autumn Pumpkin

Autumn Scene

Autumn ~ Gold



Celebrating Autumn
730 crafts, activities and
recipes for the whole
Family.... click the
thumbnail for more...
This delightful Life Skills reading
Comprehension & Unit Study
can be previewed.  Please
click on thumbnail.
Click on thumbnail to preview this
162 page Activity book which
includes lesson plans, crafts,
vocabulary exercises, puzzles,
quizzes, teacher/parent resources,
flashcards and more.
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