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When I think of Angels I think of the cutest little angel-children, with chubby faces, crooked halos and
too-big wings.  Of course there are many more descriptions of Angels, which, to me, have their roots in the

We learn about the Angel Gabriel in the Bible, we sing Hark the Heard Angels Sing at
Christmas Time.  We
think of the chubby little angel carrying flowers, red hearts and often a bow and arrow that is the symbol of
love at
Valentine's Day.  This angel is a Cherub.

We hear about Guardian Angels, sent to watch over and protect us.  And then we learn about Human
Angels - Earth-Angels - such as Mother Theresa, angels who spend their lives working selflessly and
untiringly towards the good of others - working to make life a better place for Mankind.

What does an angel mean to you?

In this section we have compiled a number of
activities that will complement any Angel Theme. Aimed at
Grade K-4 the activities are fun and educational.  We have also put together some
recipes for Angel Food.  
Of course this needs to be supervised by an adult.  

While visiting the
printables section feel free to download any or all of the Angel-themed Jigsaw Puzzles.  
These are self-extracting files that are saved to your computer's hard drive.  Download them and own them!
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