Sadly the Public Education System In South Africa is faced with many challenges, not least the rising costs of education,
lack of safety and security for our children, general apathy amongst educators, making quality education out of the reach of
a lot of parents.

Since home based education is a new concept in our country with a lot of hype and general misinformation there aren't too
many reliable local (SA) resources available,  arriving at this decision after spending hundreds of hours examining and
absorbing the brilliant
homeschooling resources offered by a multitude of exceptional non-SA websites. What I aim to do
with this site is share and discuss health information, education,   ideas,
curricula, work plans, lessons, books and theme units
which I have obtained or Monique has created or is creating.    I would welcome the opportunity of adding your own
personal units to the pages.  

We were deeply honoured and surprised to have been notified that we had been awarded the Editor's Choice Award in
Your  Student's News.  This is an indication that the information and resources we provide fulfil a useful function to the
homeschooling family and students.  We are extremely proud to have been chosen for this award.  Thank you!

Please visit
eZine articles if you are interested in reading and/or acquiring any of the articles I have written and published.  
You are more than welcome to upload the articles to your own website or blog or groups or even mailing lists - please read
the terms of use on the website.

Since this is a labour of love (actually born out of sheer desperation) please bear with me while I construct our
site with
quality curriculum based education and information.  I would welcome input, ideas, suggestions, constructive criticism as
we work together to build a site that can benefit the people of our land... Education should be accessible to all and you
know how the saying goes, if Mahommed won't go to the mountain.... Have a fantastic time teaching your children,
remember life is not a dress rehearsal...
Home Schooling is Fun - Really!

Why we homeschool, and a little bit of de-schooling...  
The question that is fast becoming my favourite is "Why do you Homeschool?" The people I
really like to share our reasoning with are the ones that truly want to understand why someone
would make this decision. But others will look at us like we have grown a third head and have
gone completely crazy. And still folk don't realise that home schooling has been around lot
longer than the public school system.  For a typically South African flavour, we will be adding
age-appropriate  printables, worksheets,
thematic units.  Much material utilised is free domain or
has been begged or borrowed, not stolen I hope :)  Please join our
interactive email group
where we can share thoughts, ideas and smaller files
What Do We Aim to Achieve?

Since the inception of the Constitution of South Africa homeschooling finally
became legal, with around 11000 homeschooling families countrywide. Since
this is a relatively new concept in our country with a lot of hype and general
misinformation there aren't too many reliable local (SA) resources available
(Took me a few hundred hours to discover that) and many of those that are
available offline are way, way too expensive for our average family. What I aim
to do with this site is share information, ideas,
curricula, work plans, fun 'n
games, lessons, books and units which I have obtained or created.  

I have included sections in this site for
homeschooling moms - as one of those
multi-taskers I realise how important it is to have as much assistance in
various areas of our life as possible.  My sincere thanks to the suppliers of
much of the content that will be featured on those pages.   Your legal questions
homeschooling in South Africa can be addressed to the Pestalozzi Fund
Visit our page where we feature a brief selection of specifically and meticulously researched and published books,
jam packed with curriculum-based fun and educational activities and teaching/student resources, and offered at
absolutely rock bottom values, including additional FREE eBooks that are not featured on our site. - simply print
and work :)  The books can be previewed at
Currclick.  This page simply gives a brief description.  Our books are
adaptable to all ages unless otherwise stated and can be enhanced with the use of the thousands of free eBooks we
offer on this website.   I so look forward to meeting up with you at our
Currclick Store.
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