Please note that although I endeavour to, I have NOT tested all links or sites that have been sent through to me.  However
they do come from extremely reliable child education organisations and are believed to be of sound and appropriate
quality.  As always I strongly urge parents to scrutinise a site before allowing your child to visit it.  Pages and links do
change from time to time, and we are not advised of these changes.  
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Freebies up for Grabs! - A blog that provides all kinds of
freebies: Free ebooks, Free recipes, free images, free headers, free activity books,
free ringtones, freeware and many more. Take advantage of great freebies by visiting
Welcome to our pages of FREE external resources...  
All our own resources in this site that are linked to download files are freely available from this site, they should not
appear on any other website for sale or for free unless it is a forum which belongs to/is monitored by St Aiden's
Homeschool.  Our Worksheets pages are very popular, updated weekly and again ALL worksheets, games and printables
are FREE

All too often we were requested to add links to free resources that were in fact not free at all... Please report broken links
and if you do know of a worthwhile site offering free teaching resources I will be only too pleased to place it  in these
pages.  Thank you :)

The pages are long so bear with them as they load... it will surely be worthwhile waiting :)  Also please report broken links
as these links are external and I cannot monitor each one of them... I suggest that parents and educators review each and
every site before allowing their child to access it... Please read our
Terms of Use . Also remember that is unwise to leave
a child unattended when working with heat, matches, a stove or fire, small objects, paints, scissors or glue.  A child
should under every circumstance be supervised by a responsible person  when attempting arts and crafts of any nature.

My favorite sites for free resources, top quality and updated regularly are:

Teachers Pay Teachers

Also check our blog for updates on freebies - you can subscribe to updates as we slowly do
away with our original mailing list.  Let's get social, I often share other external free resources
in these forums - simply click the links above.
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